Erik is 28

This is just a quick post for my most favorite person on the day we celebrate you being around all the time. I know my life wouldn't be the same if you hadn't been born a couple weeks after me, a couple hospitals down the road. I like to joke that if I hadn't been a preemie we might have been born together, but I don't need a storybook beginning for us, not when I live a storybook life every day. That's certainly not to say that life is a fairytale, that would never be right or realistic. But it's exactly what I want it to be because I have you every day, making things better, more fun, and more interesting. Always more interesting.

I know one day we'll start a family and everything will change and it will be great and wonderful, but it's nice to relish in this "you and me against the world" time. And I know I couldn't take on the world without you, so I'm always grateful.

Thanks for being a pillar of strength for me. Thanks for being the most Erik-y of Eriks. Thanks for knowing who you are. I love people who truly know who they are and are never otherwise. Nobody is better at that than you. Thanks for being so funny, smart, charismatic, charming, bold, freckly, brave, tall, playful, silly, loud, and protective. Thanks for working so hard to make my life so perfect.

I hope your birthday isn't just another day, but a fresh reminder that you are cherished completely for exactly the person you are. By more people than me. But especially by me. Always.