Erik is Twenty Seven!

2014-07-27_0002So  I'm sitting here, thinking about Erik and wondering what I haven't already said about him. Today is his birthday. And if you are new to this blog, you might not know that writing about Erik is one of my favorite things. He's easy to write about because he is so strong in who he is. Erik IS or he IS NOT. You don't get much in between and I've always loved that. Sometimes it's difficult for me (and I think a lot of people) to completely be myself, to say exactly what I think without worrying what someone might think less of me for it. Erik has no fear that way, and I'll always be jealous of that "screw what they think" attitude. 2014-07-08_0095Erik IS

Strong Honest Funny Bold Sincere Playful Protective Creative Stubborn


Timid Reserved Unsure Patient Fake Secretive Dumb Smelly Typical

Thank goodness he is/is not all these things because it makes for a pretty special combination.

And he IS twenty seven. We always say I've got fifteen days on him and he has ten inches on me. It's nice sharing a birth month! And being first is great because then if his gift is lame, it takes the pressure off me ;) Just kidding!

2014-05-23_0012Erik is home from work today and we're going to head into Richmond for one of his favorite foods (he has many). I've been telling him for YEARS that we need to go to The Proper Pie Company since he is so obsessed with pie (there's a pie song, y'all). Today we're going to finally do it! Very exciting. So for now, less writing about my favorite person and more being with him. Happy birthday, husband!