Family Pictures 2018

Willows 2nd birthday_0025.jpg

You guys. We went an ENTIRE year without new family portraits. Can you believe it? I certainly couldn't. Also, our good friend Andrea Pesce moved so it was a little sad to think we'd have to be photographed by someone new! Haha! But luckily we remembered Stephanie, who is not only the best and had photographed Erik and I years ago... but she is my photographer twin and when I say twin, I do mean twin...

Yes, that was how we showed up to photograph a wedding together years ago. And YES OF COURSE IT WAS PLANNED. No, it was not. But we made it look real good.


Erik of course hates getting his picture taken, but he sucks it up for me about once a year and I'm so glad he does. Willow seems to be a new person every other day, and while I can spam the world with picture of her, what I really miss our pictures of our family. The three of us together. Let's just say it, ME in the pictures. It's the ironic inevitability all photographers face... we take pictures because we love capturing the moment. We're suckers for that nostalgia. But we never get to REALLY capture our own moments because we are a part of them. It's tragic and cruel, just like life but hey, who can appreciate that better than our photographer friends!?

We did these pictures at Brown's Island in Richmond. Willow had so much fun running around and trying to explore everything that I had to take her back a few weeks later just to check it out at a more toddler-friendly pace. It's a beautiful area and we explored a lot of nooks and crannies I hadn't noticed before. It was also just really nice catching up with Stephanie, who is always the sweetest.

Willow of course was teething hard this day and you can see her constantly putting her hands in my mouth and me not so subtly trying to stop her haha. Here are a few of my favorites!

See more of Stephanie's work at her website!