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Midlothian VA Family Portrait Photography

Spring is coming! And holy moly has the weather been a tease this year. I'm still waiting for an arctic blast to come roaring back with a vengeance like we've never felt before. I am not really a winter person. I definitely prefer the sunshine and long days of Spring and Summer. But I am obsessed with snow and I feel a little jipped this year. I guess I'll just accept it and enjoy these weird February 70-80 degree days while they're here and try not to think about global warming and other dismal things. In fact, here in Midlothian, it looks like a storm is brewing outside my window as I type this. Yikes.

But enough about the weather. My god, I think I just small talk-ed on my blog! Ugh! And from me, the worst small talk-er in the history of small talk! Where I was going with all this is that I can't wait for Spring to be here because that's when I'll get to photograph more family portrait sessions like this one! It's a little crazy that I never shared this family session from about a year ago when it has easily become one of my absolute favorites!

If any clients ask me what they should wear for their portrait session, I'm going to refer them to this A+ family wardrobe. They were so styling! I always recommend a coordinated color palette, not being too matchy matchy, and using fun accessories to tie everything together and this family hit every mark (I mean, look at those tiny suspenders!). I could not have chosen better outfits.

You'll also notice that mom made a wardrobe change at one point and we took some glamorous "mommy and me" portrait shots of her and baby. I LOVE the way they turned out. There's some sort of beautiful contrast in a sweet baby and a rocking mama in her sequin gown that I adore. Imagine what that baby is going to think when she grows up and is looking at that image. She's going to think "Wow, my mom was SO beautiful..." (and if I did my job right) "... and so happy!" I just love thinking about that and what an impact these images could make from decade to decade.

The other crazy thing about these portraits? We literally had about 30 minutes to do them! Now with family sessions especially, I try to be really quick and efficient... I know little kids (and babies!) often have no patience for standing still and smiling. So I try to make that the first thing to do so we get those safe, traditional shots when everyone is as happy as can be. Then, we start playing (like the shot above with the two little ones running in circles around mom and dad!) so that the kids stay engaged and having fun. But if the session starts running longer than an hour, everyone will start losing their patience! And I don't want anyone leaving a session with me feeling stressed! I want everything feeling relaxed, fun, and comfortable the entire time! But 30 minutes was fast even for me, especially with a wardrobe change in the middle of it all!

Anyway, enjoy these family pictures. Hopefully they inspire you to update your own family portraits. Like I always say, you will never regret getting your portraits taken, but you may regret NOT having pictures of a certain time in your life. 

Make sure you reserve your family portrait session with me by heading to the contact page. I'm now booking for the Spring and Summer. And follow along on my new Instagram account for sneak peeks and behind the scenes fun! I shared my favorite new gorgeous heirloom memory box last week (please, Tiffany, use more adjectives why don't you?), and you'll definitely want to check that out!