Family Portraits in Chesterfield VA

Chesterfield VA Family Portraits

I can't believe that I haven't shared this family portrait session on my blog before. I have to admit that every now and then I get caught up in a bunch of sessions all in a row... photographers definitely work in waves and seasons! And then somehow my sessions don't all get blogged. It's a travesty and today and next week I'll be working on correcting that because I have a few portrait sessions that have never made it to the blog and that is just not right!

It's funny to hear people talk about getting their family pictures done. I often encounter people who are constantly waiting for the right time. Waiting for things to get less busy or for one kid to get over their acne, another to get braces off, whatever the case! There's always a reason to put it off, but I think we all realize in hindsight that those small things are just a part of life. They aren't things to be forgotten. And they're certainly not things that are going to take away from your pictures.

My parents were always good about getting lots of pictures taken of my brothers and I growing up. Our childhoods are well documented. They even went to the effort of renting video cameras before they could afford to buy one of their own just so that we'd have a recording of life when we were little. And I LOVE those home videos and am so thankful they gave us (and themselves!) that gift to cherish forever.

What they did NOT do, was take a lot of FAMILY portraits. I can't fault them really, because I'm certainly walking a similar path where I have a million pictures of Willow and a few of Willow, Erik, and myself. But kids love to see their whole family in one picture, not just themselves! I think it's important to chronicle your adventures as parents, as a family unit, just like it is to photograph and document your growing children.

My parents finally had a family portrait session when I was in my first year of college and those pictures cover their living room walls. My mom tells me now that those photos are some of her favorite things in the house and she doesn't regret one penny of what she put into them. Family pictures really do become priceless heirlooms and I'm already so grateful that we had those pictures taken.

I got a little long-winded there, but I really am passionate about family pictures and taking the time out to do them. It is so easy to put off and as so many people have told me since having my baby, the years go by quickly. Isn't it wonderful to just catch a little bit of time in a bottle?

Enjoy this adorable family of six. I think these pictures are the perfect representation of the wildness of life at this time. Of the joy. Of the love. And the togetherness.