Family Portraits in Richmond, VA

The Leggett Family Portraits

I don't shoot enough family portraits. Seriously. I used to be scared of them. So many people to coordinate and get to look at the camera all at once... children who are so unpredictable... parents who are worried about their children instead of their OWN faces, which is always ironic haha. There's a lot to be afraid of for a photographer!

But this session at Joseph Bryan Park outside of Richmond made me rethink all of that. Partially because this family was so sweet and little Jojo is literally the happiest baby ever. She let us shoot for over an hour before she even made a fuss! That's incredible! I've seen grown adults on their wedding days handle less haha.

And the other thing about family pictures is you know you're creating something that will be cherished forever. I know I kind of say that about all portraits and well... photos, but seriously! You'll only have a baby for so long. What an amazing time to document your new family.

So enjoy these family portraits! They were a blast for me to shoot and I can't wait to do some more family sessions soon!