Family Session in Chester, VA


Okay, well not really crazy. But after my influx of senior portraits, it was definitely a fun change of pace to do this family shoot with three kids under five!

We met at the Point of Rocks playground in Chester, VA. Then we set the kids loose and told them to just play. Mom and I ran around trying to keep up. I shot SO many pictures, but I couldn't help it. They were so cute and funny.   I just know when I have my own kids I'm going to clog up my computer with all the photos. Kids are just too photogenic. It's ridiculous.

The girls were so outgoing and totally READY for these pictures. Little N, though, was a different story. He played hide and seek from the camera, but by the end of the day he was all ready. Then of course his sisters were tired and ready to go. It worked out great for the photos though! All the girls' best photos were taken early and N's were almost all at the very end. Gotta go with the flow with little ones!

These photos are very special because they're a Christmas surprise for Dad. He's in the military, so he has to be away from his family sometimes and what better gift than a way to keep his kids with him wherever he goes?

Let me know if you're interested in a similar family session. I think this is truly the best way to capture children being themselves, doing something fun and being silly. I might be a little biased though ;-)