Family Session at Violet Bank in Colonial Heights, VA


The day before Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, I had a family photo shoot planned for my aunt. She wanted pictures of her grandchildren and a nice, group family shot. I was a little worried about rain, but luckily all we got that day was wind. LOTS of wind. Everyone said they were still game for pictures and I am always up for a cloudy day photo shoot. It makes for more even, lovely lighting. We met at Violet Bank in Colonial Heights. I had never been there, but I was told that the tree out front was amazing. The infamous cucumber tree! I smiled and nodded, saying oh I'm sure it's a swell tree... Well, it really is about as cool as a tree could possibly be. The branches hang down low, touching the ground, but then there also really high, huge ones that stretch up tall. It's amazing. And in October? Totally beautiful.

Little E had a blast running around throwing leaves everywhere and we were able to get some great fall shots because of it.

I really couldn't imagine an easier baby to work with. L was so sweet and HAPPY. We had no problems whatsoever getting him to smile and giggle for the camera. And dad was a sport, holding him up between branches while we made funny faces and snapped the pictures.

I loved that this tree was so amazing that everyone could sit together on a big tree limb for a group shot. How cool is that? I'm going to keep this location in mind for future clients who might be further south of Richmond. There were actually some pretty areas around the tree that we didn't even go to since my aunt only wanted a few photos.Β Β And I bet this tree would be just as gorgeous in the spring or summer. I'm not even going to think about how cool it would look in the snow... nope, not thinking about it. Can't jinx the snow ;-)

We had a great time and got all these photos and more in about 20 minutes. Gotta work fast with little ones, you never know when attentions will wane!