Fathers Day

I love my dad, but I don't think he and I have a typical father/daughter relationship. On fathers day, I was eating breakfast and watching Say Yes to the Dress. They were featuring all the brides who brought their fathers to help pick out their wedding dresses. These girls kept talking about how they were definitely "a daddy's girl" and had their fathers wrapped around their pinkies. "The budget is $3000 but I know I can pout and get twice that!" I'm paraphrasing a bit, but this is basically what these girls kept saying. My thought was if you really loved your dad, you wouldn't be trying to scheme more money out of him just because you can. 2013-06-18_0001 2013-06-18_0002

I hope that's not the typical "daddy's girl" because I've always thought that applied to me. I value my dad's advice more than anyone's and I always have. Whenever I've had issues with my friends or social life, I talked to him about it. And by that, I mean we dissected the heck out of the situation. We can talk for hours about anything and everything. My best friend, Kristen, will often ask me what I think about things and oh hey, what did your dad think? because she knows that always happens with important life decisions. When I was an angsty emotional teenager, I was so mean I often made my mom cry (I'm SORRY! haha), but even then I felt like my dad understood me and my snarkiness (screw you, spell check!). It completely rocks my world when my dad and I disagree on something, it's just SO rare. It's nice to know that there's someone who will always understand me and even in the rare times that he doesn't, will support me anyway. Everyone should have someone in their life like that.

Erik sometimes worries about competing with the lofty pedestal I've put my dad's opinion on. Okay, let's just be real, he gets jealous because I often have the same opinion as my dad and not Erik. But the beauty of Erik and I is that we DON'T think the same way and he solves problems and thinks of situations in ways I never would. It's fun and fascinating and frustrating all at the same time, but that's why I love him and we make such a great team.

So this fathers day was a little more meaningful than normal to me. It's been a rough year for my dad in ways that he has never said to me or anyone else (with the exception of my mom) and even though I live in Richmond, I still don't feel like I get to see him and my mom enough. I decided I wanted it to be a little more special, but that's hard to do when one of the things that makes him so happy is following yearly traditions. As per tradition, we went to Friendly's so he could get his peanut butter cup sundae. This is how he celebrated the birth of me and my brothers, so it's also how he celebrates fathers day. It's cute. The other thing he wants to do on fathers day is to hang out at the pool all day with all of us. So we did.

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To really put him over the top, I got him a basketball signed by his favorite player ever, Larry Bird. It's always really funny to watch him open gifts because he basically has the same reaction to everything. I know he does this so that everyone knows he appreciates their gifts equally, but it's really amusing to see "Oh it's a basketball. Nice!" go to "Oh, cool, a Larry Bird basketball." which went to "Oh, SIGNED by Larry Bird??" and give the same enthusiastic reaction to all three haha. Cade got him the T shirt he's wearing in these pictures, so he could really Larry Bird-ify the day.



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Um this is a serious game, you guys. And I don't think Shannon appreciates it.

2013-06-18_0006 2013-06-18_0010 I posted this picture just because, check out those arm muscles!



Pool, peanut butter cup sundae, volley ball, Celtics, whole family together? I don't think fathers day gets much better than that.