Fourth Anniversary

This year's anniversary was  pretty low key but also pretty wonderful. I mean, when you're about to go on a two week trek through Europe it seems a little excessive to go all out for your anniversary the week before. Plus, we have a special anniversary gift to ourselves planned for Scotland that HOPEFULLY I'll be able to share with everyone when we return. Cue excitement.

So we went to our favorite restaurant, Pescados, that we really only save for special occasions. It's so yummy. And we still have yet to try a new entree after three years of going there. The fish tacos are just da bomb. We went home and watched Netflix together with some special new rum that Erik bought. We'd never tried expensive, fancy rum. So it was a fun treat.

And of course we took our anniversary picture outside the house only this year we added in little Lily. I can't wait to see this photo change over time as our family grows. I just wish Zeke were in the past ones! But Erik never really liked holding a scrambly ferret for group pictures. For some reason, ferrets are impatient about that sort of thing.

Here are all our anniversary photos so far (we don't have one for year one)... plus a few of Erik and Lily playing the yard :)

We're actually on our way to Scotland for mega Euro trip 2015 RIGHT NOW... I have a few blog posts that will be popping up while we're gone (thank you, auto scheduler!) so you should still have fresh material to come back and check in on, but if I don't reply to your comments and emails for the next two weeks, that's why! Follow us on Instagram to keep up! I'm @theidenthal and will be tagging everything #erikandtiffyineurope (extra creative) so follow along! 

And don't worry about Lily, she's safe at Grandma's house while we're gone... I know you all wanted to come break into our house and steal her. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! :P