Fredericksburg VA Portraits

Tory and Chad


 Tory, who I actually used to live with in grad school!, contacted me months ago about doing this wintry portrait session with her husband Chad. That's right, husband! These aren't engagement pictures. These are "we're married and wanted cute pictures of us being married just because" pictures! New Years Resolution for me, take a tip from these two and get some adorable portraits of me and Erik.

We were originally planning to do these pictures in Williamsburg this past weekend, but then the mega ice storm monster came and we thought it would be safer to do them beforehand somewhere else. Since Tory and Chad live in Northern Virginia and I'm in Richmond, we met up in old town Fredericksburg to get some adorable wintry portraits there. Tory had seen my call on Facebook for Christmas tree farm portraits (I'm shameless) and loved the idea. So after walking around downtown for a bit we headed to the closest Christmas tree farm! It was absolutely gorgeous and everything we hoped and dreamed it would be.

This whole session makes me so Christmas crazy. Hint, if you're going to do Christmasy portraits, wear some red! Tory and Chad did an amazing job coordinating their clothes to the season and the inspiration behind these photos. It all came together magically :)

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