Friday Funday

2014-04-11_0004I had another post planned (in my head) for today. I know a lot of people who blog like to plan and schedule out their posts for the month and then will spend a few days writing a bunch of entries at once because that's when they feel like writing. I can't do that. Maybe it's because I've been blogging in this same, as it comes way since middle school... which was oh, well over a decade ago. Yikes. And I'm an extremely habitual person. Ask the poor lifeguard who has to move his chair all the time because I always swim in the same lane at the same time on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I don't care that the aerobics class is on the far opposite side of the pool! But I can only plan a blog so much. If it doesn't come out of me naturally, I don't even want to say it. And I don't think I could naturally write more than one blog entry a day with the same strength of voice that I typically have. I don't say that to pat myself on the back for writing with such an awesome authentic voice! But I think it's pretty obvious after reading one of my posts that it's a very stream of conscious process. My brain would hate to stream of conscious a DIY "how to" post, into an engagement session post, into a wedding vendor recommendation, into a wine tasting post. It would just be strange. FOR ME. Clearly, it works really well for others and more power to them. Right now, I have a deal with myself. Every morning at the same time, I'm either swimming or blogging. One is productive for my business and one is productive for my health. Though I'd say blogging is pretty helpful for my mental health as well ;) There's a reason the habit has continued after so many years.

But believe it or not, this post wasn't even supposed to be about blogging... on the first thought or the second thought.

It's about Jessica. It's about having friends who pop over every week to just be friends and silly. It's about forcing your friends to pose around your neighborhood so that you can test out new lenses and experiment with camera settings you've never played with before. This happened last Spring and it happened again yesterday. Only yesterday, her reaction was "but I'm not wearing an especially cute outfit today!" I'm not very sympathetic to this protest though, because really she should expect this any time it's warm outside and she comes to visit me :)

10 points to Gryffindor if you can tell what lenses/settings I was playing with. I know Marek can, but he's obviously a Slytherin so he doesn't count :D

2014-04-11_0001 2014-04-11_0002 2014-04-11_00032014-04-11_0005 2014-04-11_0006 2014-04-11_0007 2014-04-11_0008 2014-04-11_0009I wanted to be in one of the pictures too.

2014-04-11_0010 2014-04-11_0011 2014-04-11_0012 2014-04-11_0013 2014-04-11_0014 2014-04-11_0015 2014-04-11_0016 2014-04-11_0017 2014-04-11_0018 2014-04-11_0019We had fun. And then we went inside to watch Glee. I have super mixed feelings about Glee. I probably wouldn't even watch it anymore if I didn't watch it with Jessica, which amps up the entertainment value by quite a lot. It's like in college when I'd watch ENTIRE SEASONS of America's Next Top Model with my roommate Erin. Did I care at all about modeling? No, but it was fun to waste days away together watching Tyra teach girls to be fierce with their eyes. I say that sometimes to my clients, but only the really young ones who will think it's funny and not creepy.

Happy Friday everyone. Go out and do something unplanned!