From PC to Mac

from pc to mac Well I figured it was about time to write about my Macbook impressions. It's been about a month since I ordered my refurbished Macbook Pro, but I wanted to wait until the newness of it wasn't so overwhelming.

Honestly, it's still kind of confusing. Maybe because I don't use JUST my laptop, I still use my PC desktop more (a laptop will just never compete with a 24" widescreen monitor). So it's going to be more difficult to make the transition.

Things that I'm liking:

1. Definitely a fast computer. It doesn't get hot or make a lot of noise or anything like that. Lightroom runs like a dream. It had better for what I paid for this dang thing ;) 2. The laptop is nice and lightweight. Erik's laptop is an Alienware (the cool kind that all the Big Bang Theory nerds have) and while it's a great computer, it's HEAVY. 3. Apps. I think I like Apps. I don't know. I'm still not sure. I like the IDEA of Apps anyway. Still haven't found any that are very useful, but I haven't searched too hard. Any recommendations, Apple people!?

Things that I don't like:

1. Sleekness overkill. I know part of Apple's thing is to make everything look cool. But sometimes function is sacrificed for a prettier look. It took me a while to realize that scroll bars were THERE they were just invisible. I guess to remove clutter from the screen. I couldn't even log in to my computer to set it up for a while because I didn't realize the mousepad clicked haha. The minimize/maximize/close icons are there sometimes, but for instance right now I'm in Google Chrome and they're not there and I will have to click around for a while to figure out how to close this window. 2. Launchpad/finder/mission control/desktop. What? What's the difference and why are there so many places where things could be!? I was trying to download some programs and I couldn't figure out if I should leave them on my desktop or not. If I had installed them or only had the icon TO install them. I don't know. It's confusing. 3. No CD/DVD drive. Maybe I'm old-fashioned but when you pay the price of a car for your laptop, it seems like you shouldn't have to buy extra accessories just to play a movie or burn a CD.

I've mostly been using it to write blog posts downstairs and watching Lost simultaneously (living the dream here, folks). I also took it with me to my most recent wedding and used it during dinner to create a slideshow for Ashley and Brian with a few images of the day so far. It was a HUGE hit and that is when I decided I'd made a good investment.

Also, retina display. I don't really see the difference. That is unfortunate.

The bottom line as far as laptops go, if someone is considering purchasing one. The Macbook is a fantastic machine. I wouldn't have bought it (and Erik wouldn't have let me buy it) otherwise. But comparing this laptop to others that are 25% of its price doesn't seem very fair and I think that's what most people do when they talk about how amazing Macs are over PCs. This laptop runs faster than my PC. But I paid $300 for my PC ;)

So I'm still learning! If you have any tips for a Mac noob, make sure you leave them in the comments!