Fun in Fredericksburg, VA

I am one of those people who makes friends for life. I don't make tons of friends. I'm kind of an introvert that way. I just really love the ones I have. Unfortunately, most of my best friends have moved around the country so that they are WAY TOO FAR away, focusing on silly things like careers and husbands. One lives in Boston, one in Tallahassee, and one in Staunton, VA. And I'm here in Richmond, VA where we all grew up together. Last weekend, three of us decided to get together for a day trip to Fredericksburg, VA, which works out pretty conveniently as a Virginia meeting point (Nicole, we missed you! I hope you went to the beach and did something Floridian!). 2013-07-01_0005

We had planned to just have lunch in Fredericksburg and then visit a nearby winery, but we were having such a nice time walking around downtown exploring the shops and restaurants that we just stayed here for eight hours of fun and catching up. Don't you have people you love that much that it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing, it's just nice being with each other?


  Um how much do you love the umbrella ceiling to this restaurant? This was Foode and it was super delicious.  I had the "grown up" grilled cheese filled with mushrooms and a mason jar of sweet tea mmmm! Literally a hole in the wall, but we found it on Yelp where people were raving.


Kristen came down a little early to spend the night at my house and we visited The Urban Farmhouse for sandwiches and sangria (I feel like I need to justify why our clothes changed in between these two camera phone photos haha). I got a little caught up in the joy of seeing my friends again and took very few pictures this weekend, but I mean we had A LOT to discuss. We're planning to meet our fourth musketeer down in Savannah, GA in August. Hopefully I take more pictures then!