Gardens at Serenity Cove Wedding in Richmond, VA

wedding at the gardens at serenity cove photography

Brittney And Brandon's Garden Wedding

Ah, this wedding. On the surface, nothing seemed to go right for this couple. There were so many changes, so many problems. But they were SUCH troopers. They had the best attitudes and you could tell instantly that no matter what problems they one day encounter in their marriage, they're going to get through it together. 

The other thing that all their wedding day stress showed? Brandon is beyond committed to Brittney's happiness. See, I was hanging out with Brittney in the afternoon while she got ready and we were having a fun time. Everyone was relaxed and ready for the big day. But when I stepped out to the ceremony site and saw Brandon flying around doing EVERYTHING to make sure his bride had the perfect wedding, I realized that he was keeping his bride in intentional ignorant bliss. It was sweet to see. Literally, as Brandon and the officiant walked up the aisle to take their places I overheard Brandon saying how he just wanted everything to be perfect for her.

And it was. It doesn't matter how many logistics go wrong when you walk down the aisle and the person you love more than life is waiting to take your hand forever. It doesn't matter when your dress or tux are covered in dirt if you're having the best time in the world. It doesn't matter if there's rain or mud when you're surrounded by everyone you care about. None of that matters, and it was so nice to see a couple so in love that they got all of that. 

Brittney and Brandon, it was a joy to be with you on your wedding day. I hope you cherish your images and they bring back all the good memories from your perfectly imperfect day.