"Goodbye House" Family Mini Session

family mini sessionEmily and I met at JMU. A lot of the best people I've met were found in that lovely place ;) We spent many a night up til 3am bearing the duties that encumber all RA's who live and work in freshman dorm buildings. I was a sophomore and it was the first year that I enjoyed my time at JMU, where I had purpose. It was often an exhausting and ridiculous purpose, but it was a purpose and Emily and our other friend, Bianca, and I really bonded during that time. Flash forward to post graduation when Emily's job brought her to good ole Richmond, VA. This time we were both teachers, only we were both feeling very unfulfilled. It was my first year of teaching and her second. We would meet after school to swap war stories... mine about parents who were uninvolved and students who simply did no assignments, hers about parents who did their kids' homework for them and fought every grade that wasn't an A. We were both exhausted from trying to teach our one hundred students and manage all those kids' families as well. I could write a book on all the things Emily and I encountered, but I think you get the picture.

Teaching brought Emily one good thing and that was Joel! Joel was a PE teacher at their school and now they're married with the most precious little girl. Emily's found a new direction for her life just like I have, but unfortunately hers is taking her all the way to Gainesville, Florida! She's going to graduate school there so that she can be a PROFESSIONAL hall director, wha! I think she just knows her RA time with Bianca and I was the time of her life and she's going to attempt to recreate that ;)

They left for Florida yesterday, but before they did Emily and I had to get together for one last coffee date and a mini photo session. Emily and Joel wanted photos of their first house together and Delaney's first home. Hopefully these pictures will remind them of the good they found in Richmond, and also that they should be sure to come back for visits!

2014-08-01_0009 2014-08-01_0008Guys, that face.

2014-08-01_0007 2014-08-01_0006 2014-08-01_0005 2014-08-01_0004 2014-08-01_0002 2014-08-01_0001Bye bye, house! On to the next adventure. Good luck in Florida, guys!