Halloween with Team Power Awesome

Halloween is Erik's favorite holiday. By far. He is thinking about his pumpkin carving weeks before the big day. It's like me and my Christmas light planning in October. Two years ago, Erik broke his collar bone in early October and one of the worst parts of that was that he couldn't carve a pumpkin for Halloween. That was the only year that I carved a pumpkin, which I am like... THE WORST at. But it was for a pretty good cause.

I love watching him carve his pumpkin. He is so determined and meticulous. 

If you're wondering what I did other than stalk Erik with the camera, I sat beside him on my laptop playing Bloons Tower Defense because DESTROY ALL THE BALLOONS :)

But Halloween is even MORE than Erik's favorite holiday. It's also my dad's birthday! So while the night is spent doing Halloween-y things, we spent our day celebrating with my dad. He likes to do something on his birthday that he's never done before. So this year, since Erik and I have been so into archery lately, Daddy wanted to go to the archery range with us. 

My mom was kind of done with archery by the end... can you tell? And that picture of me? Cade totally took that. Good job, Cade!

After archery we headed home and I restrained Erik from lighting his pumpkin before it was dark. I came downstairs at around 5:30 to find him already eating dinner, saying "is it dark enough yet!?" And then watched him eagerly staring out the window for the next thirty minutes.

That is what a happy Erik looks like. And yeah, it often involves fire.

We spent the night on the porch making sure Erik's pumpkin didn't burn our house down whilst simultaneously handing out candy to trick or treaters. Is it just me and my post-teaching bitterness, but are kids absolutely nuts? I had one try to take the candy bowl out of my hands and others who were throwing leaves at our pumpkin trying to catch them on fire! KIDS THESE DAYS. 

And that's how you know you're old. 

After freezing on the porch for a few hours, we watched a scary movie (Evil Dead) with some hot chocolate and went to bed like the old people we are :) But it was fun and exactly what we wanted to do! 

What did you do for Halloween this year? Was your pumpkin also flaming?