Happy Halloween!

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Just a quick post today! It's still early in the day and yet I feel like I've been going a million miles a minute all day long. See, today isn't just Halloween, it's my dad's birthday! So, we did some errands this morning, squeezed in a patented 45 minute Willow nap while I ate breakfast. Then got up and headed out to lunch to celebrate my dad's 54th! 

One of those errands we did this morning was to drive back to the pumpkin "patch" where we got those beautiful pumpkins in the photo above. See, in this technological age we live in, Erik and I don't always walk around with cash. Especially now that I'm toting a diaper bag instead of a purse. So when we went to procure said pumpkins, we didn't anticipate that Grandma's Pumpkin Patch would only take cash. Whoops. Our $17 scraped together from the car weren't enough but Grandma was really nice and asked us to just come back some other time with the remaining $12. Aren't people nice? Maybe it's because I had my cute little living pumpkin in tow.

This is Willow discovering that pumpkins are not edible. At least not for babies in whole form. It's a bummer.

Our friends had a Halloween party this past weekend and we really wanted to go but were faced with all sorts of new parent conundrums to make it happen. The party was at 7pm! You know, a normal hour for any party to start. However, new parents know that 7pm is the magic baby sleep time. So Erik and I were faced with the dilemma of whether it was worth dragging baby to a party just to stay briefly and then go. Should we get a babysitter and then go just ourselves? Well, that seemed silly when we had FAMILY costumes. So we just packed up baby and made the best of it. She lasted approximately an hour. We got home, put baby to bed, and then watched Hocus Pocus, the nightmare of Erik's childhood haha. I thought how strange it was that the party we'd just been at was probably just cranking up (at 8:30) while we were already back at home hanging out in our pajamas. 

The Avengers are here! #willowgrowsup #teampowerawesome

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We won't be trick or treating this year. I know some people do with their babies but I don't need THAT much candy in my life haha (I already bought the kind I like after all). So we'll be hanging out here with Erik's brother and his wife, handing out candy, drinking apple cider, and hopefully enjoying a sleeping Willow from the comfort of our front porch!

Edited to add Erik's pumpkin because he is so proud. The fire monkey is in honor of Willow's birth in the Chinese year of the fire monkey. Also, she is a little redheaded monkey, so it's all very fitting!