Healthy Life 2015

In the spirit of all the new year's resolutions I've been reading about, I thought I'd share a little about what I'm thinking for 2015. My official resolutions are very simple because I think it's easy to pick a big resolution like "BE HEALTHY" and not have any concrete direction with that. So I chose a personal resolution and a business resolution.

Personally, I want to stop drinking soda. Now, I MIGHT have already broken that rule. This past weekend I wasn't feeling great and was lying on the couch nauseous and hungry simultaneously. I hate that feeling. Erik insisted I have some ginger ale and I told him I didn't even know if I liked ginger ale. Then he was appalled I'd never had it (gingers, psh) so he drove to the store to get some. So I had half a glass of that, but otherwise no soda. I don't buy it generally, usually just for parties or if Erik requests it. I figure it's an easy, clear-cut resolution and definitely a good thing to do. There may be a lot of controversy in the health and nutrition world, but I think it's pretty obvious that soda is bad for you. The only thing I felt a little lame about is that I never drank much soda to begin with, so it's a pretty easy resolution for me.

Business-wise, my goal is to talk to every prospective client on the phone. I'm learning the power of that connection in conveying who I am and what I do. I'm one of those people who hates talking on the phone, the master of awkward rambling voicemails. Yup, that's me. So for the past month I've been talking to every client who emails me and it's been working out great and I feel like it's been helpful already!

But the whole point in this blog post was to share that I don't think a simple resolution is enough. Like my "business goals" post, I think getting healthy is a mindset. It's about making lots of small choices that add up to the right lifestyle. I started doing that last year. I started learning about nutrition, the food industry, soooo so many things. It's actually overwhelming the more you learn because you realize how much you don't know, how much you thought you knew but didn't really. I think I've literally gone through the stages of grief trying to process some of this information. At first, you're like "noooo, things aren't that bad..." then you process a little more and get angry and then I'm sad and overwhelmed at the prospect of revolutionizing my lifestyle.

Like I said, small choices that add up. I want to continue that in 2015. In 2014, I made an effort to start buying far more organic, local food. I realized the investment was worth it to me. It actually wasn't as expensive as I expected when I stopped purchasing other things that WEREN'T good for us. No more Cheez-its or frozen pizzas. But we eat a better, homemade pizza now and last week I made my own crackers out of juice pulp, which was awesome. I got a juicer for Christmas and have been learning how to make healthy juices in addition to the green smoothies I've been making all year. Any way to get more greens into our diet is something I'm willing to try.

It's definitely not easy. Food is such a big deal. It's very hard to change life-long habits. I'm going gradually on this journey and I often find it exciting and fun. But one of the hardest parts for me is that Erik isn't really on board for the ride. I don't try to force him into anything. That wouldn't work even if I tried. But it's hard to continue with my personal goals when I'm also trying to make husband a yummy dinner that will make a long day of work a little better. It's hard when your own mindset has altered but the person or people you live with haven't gone through that mental shift with you. And it's not like Erik is doing something WRONG. His perspective is just different from mine. However, I'm the one who does the cooking in our house. So it's a matter of trying to make everyone happy and that's a challenge that everyone who cooks has to deal with.

What are your goals? Do you have any of the same struggles I do? Let me know what you think in the comments, I love hearing from you!