Hello 2016!

Happy new year everybody! I hope you had a restful and entertaining break over the holidays! I definitely did. If you know me at all, then you know I LOVE Christmas. It's easily my favorite holiday, favorite season, favorite everything... and all this despite my distaste for cold weather! Christmas fills me up with life. I'm a big believer in that selfishness is the root of all evil... and I think the spirit of giving during Christmas really speaks to me personally. Not to say that the holidays won't bring out some people's selfishness, but hopefully those people have a three ghost run in at some point in their lives and change their ways for the better ;)

What I loved more than anything this holiday was the quality time. I played Mario with my whole family for hours one day and it was the absolute best. Erik and I made plans to not make plans this year (you guys, that is so hard for me! haha) and just see what happens. We slept in (even Lily!), we cooked when we felt liked it, went out when we felt like it, went on a post Christmas shopping spree because we felt like it (I know, ridiculous), cleaned out our closets and donated tons of stuff to charity, played lots of games, watched the first season of Mad Men, visited with family... everything good that one should do over a holiday break.

We did have one major bummer over the holidays... poor Lily was not feeling good. We suspected that she had hurt her neck or back initially and took her to the vet a few weeks back. They thought that was probably true but weren't really sure because Lil is a trooper and wasn't yelping in pain at the vet's office, though she did shake the whole time. A week after that vet visit, Lily started waking me up in the middle of the night urgently needing to go outside for her doggy business (and rarely making it to the stairs, let alone the front door in time). On the third night of this, she got me up twice and let's just say... situations were explosive and coming out all ends! It was really scary! I hate seeing my shaking little Lil who is so uncomfortable and confused. So I took her back to the vet and they still couldn't really figure out what was wrong, so they gave us some more pain medicine and something for her diarrhea issues and charged us another fortune... what can you do when your little pup is in pain? You just pay the astronomical bills and try to forget about it! The medicine helped and I think this kind is a better dosage for her little body to process. As long as we keep her on the pain medicine, she seems fine. But it's still noticeable when she's off it. 

The hardest part of treating Lily has been NOT playing with her. When she feels good, she wants to play and I WANT to play with her because I know she's been feeling so miserable and sleeping so much. But when we do throw a toy for her or play tug of war, she sometimes yelps because her neck still hasn't healed, so she's just going to have to think we're boring meanies who won't play with her for a little while longer until she's 100%! 

Sorry for the monologue on my puppy and her bodily issues. It's a rough thing seeing your pet in pain and sick and not knowing how to help them on and off for weeks! Especially when they're so dang cute...

I got kind of nostalgic/mopey on Sunday. First of all, nothing puts me in a worse mood than packing up the Christmas decorations and being Christmas tree-less for another 11 months. But mostly, I just HATED the idea of Erik going back to work the next day. I started spiraling and thinking about how this was the last vacation we'd have together just the two of us (not really true), how the next time he took more than a day or two off of work would be when little Willow arrives... it totally freaked me out. It made everything seem very soon and this break feel all too brief. There's never enough time though. I'd love to take Hermione's time turner necklace that was in my stocking this year and flip back the days and savor them all again. I know we'd all love to do that sometimes, and I'm lucky enough to have lived those days once... and I also know that even better days are yet to come. You can't pause life and you can't redo. You've just got to live in the moment and take a picture or two.