Home Sweet Home

That old saying, "I need a vacation to recover from my vacation" has never rung more true. Travel sure is exhausting! Erik and I are finally back from our two week trek through Europe and it's hard to believe that it's Monday already and we've returned to normalcy. I'm still in a daze, trying to absorb everything we did in a relatively short amount of time. And it doesn't help that I started getting sick on the trip home. So our built in pre-work week buffer days have turned into Tiffy sick days unfortunately. I was thankful Erik worked from home on Friday so he could take care of me and Lily who stayed in bed the entire day. Being sick is way better when you have someone to bring you toast and cold wash cloths!

But that's no fun to talk about! We've just been to EUROPE. And I know everyone wants to see pictures. I want to see them too! I've been feeling so blech that I haven't really looked through them since I've been home, thus I haven't edited anything... thus, this will not be a "look at everything we did in Europe!" post. Sidenote: I remember someone finding it absolutely hilarious that I use the word "thus" in normal conversation but what an efficient word!

I know I had my blog auto-posting some things while I was gone, but I didn't have my typical social media posts letting everyone know they were up, so if you missed them, make sure you go back and check out our fourth anniversary post, some super sweet family portraits, an easy DIY minty lemon sugar scrub recipe, and my latest, gorgeous Richmond wedding

I promise, lots of travel photos are to come! The photo above is from my absolute favorite day of the trip when we toured the Scottish highlands... ah, what a breath of fresh air. For now, I have a lot of emails to write, orders to send out, and overall things to catch up on! All while convincing little Lily that I will never leave her again, ever. Well, not for a while anyway :)