How Far We Come

Sometimes I get discouraged. I think I'm not far enough along. I think my business isn't growing fast enough. I watch others who started their business after I did shoot to success like a rocket on their way to discover a new galaxy. I watch them and kind of look around at my own surroundings and wonder what to do about it. I wonder if growing fast or slow is better. I wonder if I'm growing at all. 

I think we all compare ourselves. That's nothing new. When I was in high school, I wanted to be the best writer. When I was in college, I wanted to be a great teacher. I compared myself to my classmates and gauged myself off of that. I can't help it. And I do the same with photography and small business owners in general. And that's hard. Especially in a subjective art. Especially when you only see your peers' success on social media, never their insecurities and fears.

But I've been editing Nicole and Bret's anniversary session for the past couple days. And it made me think about their engagement session. Theirs was the first engagement session I ever did! It was just over two years ago, when I was just starting my business and trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Did I want to do family portraits? Weddings? Seniors? I wasn't sure. That took time in itself. I thought I'd share some photos from that session today. Mostly for myself, to keep in mind that we aren't always aware of growth when it's happening but it IS happening.

I was really into tilting my pictures. I think it felt cool and artsy. Like me ;)

And then I took some photos that were accidentally pretty good. These were the ones I paid attention to and thought "I should do that more in the future."

I see something in all three of these pictures that I still do today. Only now I do it intentionally and back then I was like "hm, this background is pretty."

Hopefully, two years from now, (when I'm shooting Nicole and Bret's fourth anniversary ;) haha) I'll be doing the same thing I am today. Looking back on where I was and realizing what good things have happened already, and what can still change.