How to Have a Stress-free Wedding Day

I strongly believe that the worst thing that can happen on a wedding day, is stress. Which is ironic, because most of that stress comes from couples who are just worried about everything going perfectly. If they could let that worry go, the whole day would be more enjoyable and more memorable. I think, come the wedding day, the bride and groom's only responsibility should be to BE PRESENT in every moment of the day. It's easier said than done, but the couples who do it will have the greatest experience when it's all over. Hopefully, these tips help you do just that:

1. Be ready ahead of time.

I'm talking to you, procrastinators. We've all done it at some point in our life. "Oh, I can finish that later. It doesn't need to be done yet." Well, for your wedding day, I'd have as much done early as possible. At my own wedding, I did my own florals. We couldn't do those but so far in advance without the flowers dying, but luckily I had assembled an awesome team of bridesmaids and MOB BFFS (mother of the bride BFFs) who helped me with this. 

2. Trust your vendors.

You already went through the long, arduous process of hiring the perfect vendors for your wedding day. Now trust them. They've been to so many wedding days and this may be your first one. Let the DJ run the show at your reception, that's what you're paying him/her for! Let the photographer tell you where your portraits are going to be banging awesome, you hired him/her for their vision right? And please! Get a day-of wedding coordinator if you don't have one. They are AWESOME at keeping your entire wedding on schedule and solving problems before you even know they're problems.

3. Give vendors a point of contact who is NOT YOU.

Allow someone else, maybe your maid of honor or mom or some other trusted family member, to be your voice that day. I think every bride and groom gets overwhelmed by all the decisions they have to make, but by the day of the wedding, the important ones should be made. Let someone else figure everything else out and let them know they'll be helping you by doing so. I remember at my wedding, I didn't have the greatest coordinator, and she came into my "getting ready" room and told me one of my vendors was going to be late and she didn't know what to do about it. There was no need for her to tell me that. There was nothing I could do to help the situation. If she needed to tell someone (which, she didn't) it would have been a lot nicer if she'd just said it to my maid of honor when I wasn't around to worry about it.

4. Have your ceremony and reception in one place.

I think when you're a year away from the wedding and just looking for cool places to get married, some people don't consider the added stress of moving from one location to another. They think, oh 20 minutes is no big deal. And sometimes it's not. But depending on your venue's restrictions, how many guests you have, the parking situations how much time you're leaving for photography, it can get stressful running around in your wedding dress. An easy thing you can do to make life simple is to KEEP it simple and if you have to have two locations, make sure they're very close together.

5. Plan extra time into your timeline.

I wrote another post about tips for your wedding day timeline. But this is really so important. Make sure you leave extra time and in between time for all aspects of your day. Then if things run late or traffic hits or anything goes wrong, it won't matter! Seriously. You'll feel so much better on the day of your wedding for doing this one small thing.

6. Prepare a wedding emergency kit.

I already kind of do this for my brides, but I thought of a lot of things this past year that I need to be including.

Consider packing: a small sewing kit, bobby pins, SCISSORS (so many times we have needed those), a pretty dress hanger (ask your bridesmaids to do the same!), granola bars and other snacks, water bottles, a Tide to go pen, pen and paper, a small make up bag that someone can carry for you, comfy shoes to change into for dancing, Tylenol, tissues, sunscreen, an umbrella, or a sweater depending on the weather. 

7. Let it go.

I know, how many more times do we need to be told to let it go? But really. It's all about your mentality. I've seen a bride whose dress was completely malfunctioning as her girls helped her get ready and she just laughed and laughed because she embraced this "let it go" mindset. Worrying over the little things accomplishes nothing. If you're running late, whatever, you're running late! Everyone understands that this happens on a wedding day. And guess who they'll always wait for? The bride and the groom. So don't worry about it. 

I think the only fitting way for me to end this blog post is with my favorite "Let it Go" cover, so here you go...

if you have any tips for stressed brides, leave them in the comments! We'll all thank you.