James River Engagement Session


Lindsay and Marc's James River Engagement Session in Richmond, VA

Lindsay and Marc are fellow JMU grads. We got to know each other our senior year at JMU, but since then haven't really seen each other. When Lindsay contacted me about shooting her engagement session I was so excited to see them again and to know they were still together and now, getting married! 

Normally I treat engagement sessions as the ultimate "get to know you" date. Because really, what better way is there to bond with someone than to traverse rocky paths and tall grass or to kiss on your fiancee in front of someone you may have never met before? With Lindsay and Marc it was the opposite. We fell back into friendly jokes and laughter just like we had five (FIVE!?) years ago. It was one of those sessions that completely flew by.

We wanted to start with some Fall colors so we went to Forest Hill Park, which turned out to be the perfect spot. After that, I told them to follow me since they weren't familiar with the Richmond area. Well... I've lived here all my life and I guess I'm not familiar with it either haha. I wound up driving in a big circle, but by missing my intended destination, I found myself in an even better one. I wound up on Riverside Dr and we took the river access to get down ON the river. I love this spot, so I'm thankful that Lindsay and Marc were willing to go with the flow and trust that it would look amazing! 

Enjoy the photos and I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! The blog will be back next week! :)