Jessica - Buddhalicious

It's a joke. Buddhalicious. That's pretty much my friendship with this girl, one inside joke after another that makes plenty of sense to us but maybe not the rest of the world. Jessica and I have been friends since about the sixth grade. At least we think so. We don't really remember becoming friends, but have yearbook evidence that proves we are/have been/will be forever. And that's good because I need someone to tell me when my clothes don't match or match too much or whatever the issue is. I don't really have fashion style of any sort, so I often snap pictures of outfits and send them to Jessica with an "OMG WHAT SHOES GO WITH THIS" message of panic. 2013-06-02_0001

And then she just shows up at my house looking like this. What better opportunity to practice with my new camera and all its fun buttons?


2013-06-02_0004 2013-06-02_0007 2013-06-02_0005

And then she decided to dance. Which we do together. A lot.

2013-06-02_00092013-06-02_0008 2013-06-02_0006

Thanks for being such a lovely model, friend! You're adorable and I'm proud of all the discipline it's taken to lose so much weight this year. You're a rock star and you look it!

2013-06-02_0010 2013-06-02_00122013-06-02_0011