JMU Weekend

It wasn't homecoming, but it really felt like homecoming. Erik and I got to return to our favorite place this past weekend, good ole JMU. I always love returning but it was almost frustrating how many people were there that we wanted to spend time with and just couldn't. We did the best we could. We even got a hotel room so we could stay the night and see some people the next day. It makes you mourn the times when you knew a million places where you could crash for the night, but now we're grown ups and have to pay for a hotel room! Alas! We arrived in time to see the football game against the University of Richmond. It was a gross, misty, windy, chilly day, but it lightened up for most of the game so we didn't have to suffer too much. We felt slightly strange not being in the student section of the stadium. There were families with children around us. Erik said "what, I have to watch my language!?" Nicole and I tried to start chants that nobody joined in on. And we had never been so high up in our new addition to the stadium before. It was amazing! We could see every section of campus. It was beautiful from up there. And having more than one or two concession stands is just wonderful. I went and grabbed hot chocolate and was back in my seat in less than five minutes.

I was too put off by the rain to bring my camera into the stadium. I was very sad about this, but here's a conglomeration of Instagrams and phone pictures that my friends and I took.

jmu weekend

Remember this girl? Yeah she came to this game from Tallahassee! That's a true fan. (Check out her hilarious blog, too)

My favorite part is always the MRDs (Marching Royal Dukes). This love comes from being in my high school marching band (in the colorguard with that Nicole girl in the pictures!) and living with MRDs all through college. I know lots of people make fun of marching bands, but JMU really loves its marching band. Gotta take pride!

JMU is where Erik and I met. After a couple years of being friends we started dating and one of the places we went weekly as a couple was Franco's Pizza. Naturally, this is where we went to dinner after the game along with Erik's sister Katlyn and her friend(!?) Joe. We had the best pizza ever and then crashed at our hotel for the night.

Katlyn has taken a recent interest in photography (yay!), so I brought my back up camera for her to play with and experiment before she buys one of her own. Of course, we had to take a few pictures of each other to do it right!

2013-10-15_00052013-10-15_0001 jmu weekend 2013-10-15_0003 2013-10-15_0004

And Erik found a tiny snail. Hurray.

We left Harrisonburg that morning and headed over to Staunton to meet with two of my best friends in the world for lunch. We were roommates for two years and it kills me that I don't see them that often. We had planned to go apple picking, but unfortunately it was way too disgusting a day for that.


We had a great, THREE HOUR lunch with them before heading home to Richmond. I'm lucky though. I get to shoot an engagement session at JMU/Harrisonburg in a few weeks and I am so excited to get to go back so soon! Calling all JMU brides, I want to be your photographer! ;)