Joyful Organic Storytelling

What does that mean?

"Joyful organic storytelling."

It hits you in the face as soon as you visit my website, my Instagram. But I don't think I've ever articulated what that means to me. Yet, I know that those three words have struck a chord with clients. A senior once told me she booked me solely because I used the word "organic" haha! A couple left me a sweet review that said "Tiffany delivers on the 'joyful organic storytelling' promise." I thought it was so kind and I was happy to see that the message I was putting out was being picked up by the people I hoped would find value in it.

Starting with "joyful," I want joy to bleed into every aspect of this photography experience for my clients. I want the booking process to be simple and easy. I want the session itself to be fun and full of laughter. I want you to pull out your album or look at the canvases on your wall and remember the joy of that moment in time.

"Organic" is almost a loaded word now. But I don't mind taking that on or letting people pull from that word the meaning they wish. I may eat organic food myself, but that's not what that word is doing in my tagline. One of the compliments I get the most when clients talk about my work is that "it doesn't look too posed" or "the smiles always look natural." There's nothing I strive for more in my work than this. I think because personally, I'm awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera so I know how that feels and I don't want my clients to feel like that! On a wedding day, I don't want to rearrange the whole room and have my brides and grooms doing strange things with their hands or accessories because the close up will look good on Pinterest or Instagram. The wedding day is sacred and I don't like to inject myself into it. I let it unfold and document it naturally.

I do pose my clients for portraits, but I only do that to make them feel MORE comfortable. It sounds counter-intuitive and it took me a while to realize it, but people want the photographer to control the situation sometimes so that they can feel confident they're "doing it right!" The key is to direct my clients without making the photo look staged! That's what "organic" means to me.

And well, "storytelling" is everything I love. Who doesn't love a good story? Our lives are stories. And photography is just another way of narrativizing our own experiences... for us and for others. Nothing captures my attention more than a beautiful, emotional story. 

What do we do with stories? We write them down. We tell them to someone. We share. That's what I hope for for my images. That they transcend and move from the click of my camera to ink on a page or a canvas, and then solidify as a happy memory. 

Life is short. Everything is changing all the time. I find it so rewarding to bottle up a few moments for people. To stop their kids from growing up, just for a second. It's no small thing. And I'm thankful for the opportunity all the time.

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