Kelly Moore Bag


Last Friday while doing some pre-wedding prep for Saturday's wedding, I was formatting all of my memory cards when I realized I had a bunch of photos I had never put on my computer. Whoops. These things happen when your awesome new Kelly Moore bag arrives  the day before you take a one week vacation in New Orleans.

kelly moore bagkelly moore bag

Girls and their bags right? I never thought I was one of those girls. I always refused to spend over $40 on a bag. Well, I'm learning that when you throw the word "camera" in front of "bag," it becomes a whole different, glorious thing. My parents gave me an amazing bag from Epiphanie a few years ago. I absolutely love it, but it's very bulky if I just want to walk around with a camera and a lens or two. Plus, at weddings where I'm bringing all my gear and additional back up gear, the one bag was most definitely not cutting it anymore.

Enter my new Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag. It's small enough that it can decoy as a purse (which is excellent. When I only had a Canon bag, it felt like a walking billboard saying "rob me I'm full of expensive camera gear!"), but it can also hold my camera and up to three lenses. It's made of water-resistant material (thank goodness because I wore it while shooting a wedding on Saturday and we got a little wet during their outdoor ceremony!). It's not as soft as my Epiphanie bag. You can tell it's intended to be more durable than that. The Epiphanie bag has held up pretty well but parts of it are starting to show some wear from me throwing it on the ground and just being plain destructive.

I wore it all around New Orleans on our trip. It was very comfortable. I preferred the long strap to wear it as a messenger bag, but the little one makes it truly purse-like. Which was good since I decided to forgo even bringing a purse. I mean, where was I going to be where I wouldn't want my camera on me? Craziness.

2013-09-24_0002The bag's even more purse-like because you can actually take out the insert inside that pads your gear. Then it becomes just a lovely little bag.

2013-09-24_00032013-09-24_0005I was so excited I even took pictures of the card and the surprise cup inside that I immediately started drinking out of. Wash before use? Psh. Just a guideline.

I've definitely been obsessing and taking this bag everywhere I go, camera or no.

2013-09-24_0006Here it is following me to our awesome photographer dinner Friday evening. Photo by the wickedly talented Meagan Abell and our awesome waiter :)

It's safe to say that I'm in love.