Kim and Matt's Farmville, VA Wedding

I am SO excited to share this wedding with you guys. This was the first wedding I've ever shot by myself and I had an unbelievable time doing it. Thanks to Adam and Kristi for sending me to this adorable couple for the start of my wedding photography business. The wedding was on June 15, exactly a year to the day from when I left my job as a teacher and decided to pursue a photography business. To me the English major, this was all kinds of symbolic. To Kim and Matt, June 15 was the start of the rest their lives together. You like the cheesy transition? ;)

Kim and Matt met at Longwood University in Farmville, VA. They worked together in the Longwood dining hall and so of course, they had to have their reception there with their favorite dining hall foods. And I was super impressed with the quality! Kim graduated a year before Matt, so she has been working as a kindergarten teacher while Matt finished his final year at Longwood. They are so sweet together and you can tell that they hold hands all the time just because it feels natural. Hardly any of the pictures of these two are posed, so their true personalities really come out. Matt is hilarious and goofy while Kim is a sweet southern bell. I had a blast capturing this country wedding at The Carolyn Baldwin Lake Pavilion, complete with homegrown sunflower bouquets!

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Ah, Kim, you're so beautiful!

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I love that mom gave her away along with dad. Such a sweet touch.

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What, your college doesn't have a giant chess board???

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Too sweet. All the time. I love it.

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This reception was so fun, the bridal party even planned a reenactment of the Dirty Dancing finale for their guests!

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Congratulations, Kim and Matt! It was a beautiful day and I hope your marriage is just as full of joy and love!

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