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Richmond, VA Event Planning - Vendor Spotlight

kim moody designAbout a month ago, I had the privilege to meet Kim and her amazing staff and take some company headshots for them. I was browsing their website and saw that we were fellow JMU grads and I could just feel her personality coming through. I had to contact her and find out more. When I arrived at Kim's store (and yes, it's a store! full of adorable things) I had thought there would be Kim and maybe a few other girls who helped out. I was SO wrong. Kim Moody Design is a MACHINE, guys. Kim, her husband, and a team of friendly guys and gals are not only incredibly sweet and easy-going (exactly what you would want on your wedding day), but have an incredible network of resources that really make them a unique event planning company. I was truly amazed by how many services Kim offers to her brides and the unique DISCOUNTS that she can give them. I had always assumed a wedding planner would help the day go smoothly and make for a less stressful wedding planning experience, but it had never occurred to me that a wedding planner would actually be able to save me money. So cool!

Kim explains it all a lot better than me, so the rest comes from her :)

2014-04-14_0005How did you get started as an event planner?

I've always been extremely creative and detail oriented, and, after graduating from the Interior Design program at James Madison University, I began subcontracting for architects and engineers and ran their job sites during the peak of the construction/remodeling boom from about 2004 to 2008.  Prior to that I'd helped with a few weddings for friends and family and, in 2004, I planned the first one on my own.  I continued to do one to three per year for paid clients for several years and then each year after that our wedding workload basically doubled!  Luckily, when the bottom dropped out of the remodeling industry, our wedding business was just picking up pretty heavily.  Our studio has been exclusively focused on weddings since 2008.  We've expanded our offerings so much over the past decade it's hard to even remember the "early years" anymore, but we feel very blessed to have such an amazing team continue to provide our clients with unmatched service and design skill since 2004.  

What would you say is your style and approach in working with your clients?

We are as "hands on" as our clients wish for us to be!  We work in collaboration with our couples to help plan and execute an incredible day for their families to enjoy!  We prefer to at least be involved with all of the creative vision for our full planning clients and are very "client centered" in developing something more than what they dreamed of for their wedding day!  We have an incredible relationship with the vendors in our industry areas across the state of Virginia and are delighted to work with all of our friends to create an impeccable finished product for our couples!

2014-04-14_0003What sets your business apart from others in the industry?

We have a handful of things that make us different than any wedding planner in the state outside of Northern Virginia.

The first is that Kim Moody Design operates with a huge TEAM of staff to create incredible events weekend after weekend.  Most wedding planners work out of their guestroom as a home office with "interns" as their assistants on the day of someone's wedding.  We are the opposite.  We have a year-round, full-time staff of at least five planners and a HUGE support staff of part-time, well-trained event helpers.  

The second is that we own two commercial buildings which house our offices, design studio, warehouse storage, linen rentals, and floral studio.  We are no small operation.  The amount of things we can provide in-house for our clients is unmatched by any other planning team that we are aware of in the entire state.  This translates to saving money for our clients as well as providing them with an ever-growing quantity of new looks for their big day!  We can save them in rental costs, delivery fees, and setup costs by managing so much of it in-house! 

The third is by our vast experience and proven track record.  You can't have the level of clientele we deal with if you don't serve them well and exceed their expectations.  To be able to have one planner committed to this as a full time job is a huge accomplishment, but to be such a large studio with such a successful track record means we do our job well and love our clients, always putting their needs first!  Over our decade of beautiful weddings we've developed SO much of an infrastructure we've been able to streamline our process and provide our clients with an enormous level of resources to draw from for their big day! :)

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal couple has a glimmer of an idea of what they are interested in, but is excited to collaborate on what they are interested in for their big day!  We are happy to provide many services for our clients, including “day of coordination,” but we find that our VERY BEST results come from working together planning the event with the couple from start to finish in what we call our “full service planning.”  This way we can always be looking at the big picture when we are making detailed decisions on things.  :)

2014-04-14_0004What is the benefit to hiring a professional event planner?

Where do we start?!  Think of it this way: your wedding is the single largest party/celebration/event of your life with SO many of the people you love there to celebrate.  Your main job is to enjoy the company of your guests and be "present" in each moment of the whole day that you are investing in with them.  We do over 50 weddings each year and we know how to manage the logistics for you to make sure you and your family are not stressed, as well as to create a truly amazing overall experience for you and the love of your life

What would brides be surprised to know about you?

We have some fun information on all of the planners on our team as well as all of our support staff on our website.  We'd invite you to read more about us at  Specifically a little known fact about Kim is that she has always had an incredible drive and strong work ethic, but her family believes much of that started when she was on her men's high school wrestling team.  She was extremely committed to working as hard as (or harder) than any of her male teammates to keep up with the pack and not be lost in the shuffle of standouts she practiced with each day.  She was a 3-season high school athlete to maintain her fitness and, at the time, could run many miles without getting winded and strongly complete nine or more pullups like GI Jane. :)

2014-04-14_0002What would you like clients to know before hiring an event planner?

Hire a good one!  There are so many phonies out there.  Look for an incredible amount of experience because that will enable them to know how to give you the best level of crisis management possible.  In fact, the more experienced the planner the less times per year they experience bumps in the road.  You get what you pay for – choose the very best planner you can afford and they will most likely save you much more than the fees that they charge over the course of your event.  Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with your planner; they are going to be with you throughout the most intimate moments of your big day.  You should have a good working relationship, feel very comfortable together, and be able to have honest conversations with them throughout the process.  

Thanks so much for your informative responses, Kim! It was a pleasure getting to know you. 

If you're interested in hiring Kim Moody Design for your next event, here is her contact information:

Website: Email: hello@kimmoodydesign Phone: (434) 292-5000 Location: 108 N Main St, Blackstone, VA 23930

Richmond location coming soon!