Lessons Learned from New Jersey

new jersey engagement session

Happy Monday everyone! I find it so fitting when Mondays are rainy. Especially after a weekend of running around doing things. To me, rain says slow down, huddle up in your house and bake banana bread. That's a typical reaction to rain right? Can you tell I'm a homebody? I'm a Cancer, what can I say?

Speaking of which... I was very much NOT the homebody this weekend. A couple months ago, I had a lovely couple contact me about shooting their engagement session and it just so happened that they lived in New Jersey. They asked if I was willing to travel to them and I said OF COURSE. So on Saturday morning, Erik and I were up bright and early to begin our adventure.

Things we learned:

1. Women in Jersey must wear black dresses. I don't know if that's a rule, but Erik and I both noticed how nearly every woman we talked to or saw was wearing a black dress. Totally fascinating.

2. New Jersey does not trust you to fill your own gas tank. Or maybe they want to "do you the service" of filling it for you. Either way, we had to wait a minute before the gas attendant came to our car and we felt completely ridiculous not just doing it ourselves! haha

3. Papa Ganache makes incredible cupcakes (THANK YOU, LEIGH AND JASON!!). 

4. Strangers can be extremely nice. We went out for dinner at a little pizzeria on Saturday and the restaurant told us and another couple that we'd have to wait 20-30 minutes because they only had a six person table available. We decided to share the table and had a really great time getting to know this couple from San Francisco who were planning their December wedding in New York City. OBVIOUSLY we had much to discuss ;)

5. Philadelphia is scary. That is all.

6. I have the worst luck in the world. With driving. With technology. With most things. I'll leave that to your imagination as well.

7. My husband is the greatest husband. We started our trip by saying we'd split the driving half and half each leg. Saturday I drove us to Maryland and Erik did the rest and then Sunday I drove us to scary Philadelphia and Erik did the rest. Basically he did about 75% of the driving. And I was so grateful. I've written before about what a paranoid driver I am, but I really do seem to wind up in the craziest situations, and it's rarely my fault! Driving has just become very stressful for me. Our pizza table-sharing friends told us we should take the train, which may be a good idea in the future, but I looked up the prices and ugh, why is everything so expensive!?

8. The leaves are a lot more colorful six hours north of here! This makes sense, but I was excited to see my first visual confirmation of Fall, even if it stayed warm all weekend.

It was a weekend we're sure to remember and I am beyond grateful that Leigh and Jason chose ME as their photographer and made this whole weekend happen for us. I'm also grateful that Erik came along to make my life easier, to keep me company, and to nap in the hotel during our photo shoot. Husbands are great for those kinds of things :)