Let's Talk Gilmore Girls

It popped into my head that I could write a whole blog post about Gilmore Girls and then I couldn't get it OUT of my head and thought why the heck am I NOT writing a blog post about Gilmore Girls? I claim to love stories so much, but rarely give myself the opportunity to write about them the way I want to.

So... Let's talk Gilmore Girls.

I have loved this show for years and years. My roommates in college will attest to my loyal dedication to the ABC Family 5pm showing of Gilmore Girls every evening. I remember they didn't have the rights to rerun season 7 yet and I hadn't watched it live, so I watched the whole series in reruns multiple times before I ever saw season 7. Imagine my disappointment when I finally did :'(

There is simply no show with better rerun value if you ask me. Episodes of Gilmore Girls are so completely packed with quick dialogue and hilarity that there is no way you will grasp it all the first time you watch it. There's just no other show on TV like it. The closest I've ever seen are old Cary Grant era romantic comedies... you know, the kind that fittingly send Lorelai Gilmore over the moon.

The revival of Gilmore Girls was badly needed. Season 7, with its new writers who desperately attempted to mimic Amy Sherman-Palladino's unique voice, was a travesty. Almost every Gilmore Girls fan I know hates season 7. And if it were any other show, we might have just gone along with it. The final season of Lost wasn't my favorite, but it was LOST and I went with it because hello, we're on our way to something here. But Gilmore Girls was not about the destination. It was about the journey. HOW something happens in that show is far more interesting than WHAT happens. Lorelai and Rory sitting at their kitchen table discussing celebrity break ups over a Pop Tart sundae is so much more entertaining and delightful than PLOT TWIST, CHRISTOPHER AND LORELAI GOT MARRIED IN PARIS. 

Needless to say, my expectations for the revival were high. I was just so excited to hear that bouncy dialogue again. I hardly even cared WHAT was happening. So of course I adored every second. I watched every episode with total amusement, enjoying all the subtle shout outs to fans and punchy quips and masterful monologues from Lauren Graham, queen of the ramble.

Here are some random thoughts I had:

Kirk has a pig. Of course he does. Why WOULDN'T Kirk have a pig?

Rory, get your act together.

Rory, what happened to your voice? I'm not saying you have to have a high pitched voice, but now I'm just curious who the real you really is!?

Lauren Graham you are amazing. Never change.

Luke's wifi debacle hahaha. Yes. This would be such a diner problem.

The Secret Bar. I wish we had one in real life.

What the heck happened to Miss Patty!? Did her scenes get cut because she was so unrecognizable. It was like they gave all her dialogue to Babette and let her carry the load instead. Weird.

Dean's scene was so lovely. I don't even like Dean, but was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful his little scene was.

Rory, get your act TOGETHER. SERIOUSLY. This is not how one acts in the real world and on JOB INTERVIEWS.

Emily in jeans is absolutely terrifying. But with pearls still, makes it absolutely amazing.

Michel is perfection. And MARRIED. YES. And acquiring children! Oh, no...

How on earth has the Dragonfly been functioning without Sookie or any stable chef for two years? 

It's completely confirmed (as if it wasn't before) that Stars Hollow is the greatest character on that show.

Soooookie... I don't know what drama was going on with Melissa McCarthy but what a shame. It seems she doesn't remember how to play Sookie anyway? :(  

Lorelai ever even considering doing Wild, is pretty absurd. But okay, let the hilarity with Peter Krause commence.

Paris is everything. Always. I missed her in the last two episodes.

There are definite plot issues with the story. And I think most of them root back to this season being 10 years too late in coming out. If this were actually season 7, I think it would have been exceptionally wonderful. But it isn't, so holes had to be plugged and concessions made. Rory's entire storyline was overall problematic because 10 years into her career, the Rory Gilmore we all know would have made more of herself than one great article. Luke and Lorelai's continued "should we get married/have kids or not?" problems seem a little ridiculous after over a decade of togetherness at this point. Emily's storyline actually makes sense because dealing with her husband's death is dramatic and genuine no matter when it happens.

Those infamous final four words pack a punch whether it's 10 years later or how the show was originally intended to end. But I do think the context of those words makes all the difference. Imagine season 7 ending that way. It's almost dismal to think of how hard Rory worked for her career throughout Chilton and Yale and then have an unplanned pregnancy thrown into the mix. But honestly, with how successful Rory tends to be, I wouldn't have worried at all. I'd assume that our little go getter would just add mom to her list of things to do and she'd have no problems at all. NOW, with her kind of failing after ten years in the journalism world, it seems like a consolation prize. Here, go home to Stars Hollow and have a baby instead. It's a bit of a struggle to reconcile all that and what it says about motherhood and careers and sacrifice. Since journalism obviously isn't Rory's future, all we're left with is this.

And I get the whole circle of life thing. I do find it interesting and in parts, beautiful. But also sad. It is sad that Paris grew up being sad that her parents were never around and her closest bond was with the nanny, and boom, now her kids are being shuffled back and forth between her and Doyle but MOSTLY they just love the nanny. It's sad that Lane wanted to be a rock and roll star but winds up raising kids in Stars Hollow helping out at her mom's antique shop for the rest of her years, just as she always feared. They both seem happy enough, so I don't know how much of a problem this is.

All the parallels between Rory and Lorelai's love lives are really interesting and obvious as well. Though, I've always seen Christopher as pretty much a good guy, and Logan not so much. I don't think Christopher was a bad influence on Lorelai (if anything, the other way around!) but Logan clearly knocks Rory off track in her life, constantly. Jess swoops in at key moments in her life to set things right again and get back to who she really is. In college, it was derailing party Rory from a future planning cocktail parties and never graduating Yale. Now, it's inspiring her to write the book, Gilmore Girls (which I love by the way). Of course, he's meant to mirror Luke's grounding effect on Lorelai. 

But like I said before, talking plot in Gilmore Girls just seems fruitless. That's never been what I go to that story for, even when it's great. I'm here for fun and the cleverness and the revival did not disappoint on that front. I loved every second. And while I could continue writing about Gilmore Girls for many paragraphs more, I'll stop on that note. 

What did you think? Was it everything you hoped it would be? Should Netflix stop bringing shows back from the grave? Should Amy Sherman-Palladino get her own network on TV and write indefinitely? RIP Bunheads. But seriously, I bow down to that woman and her skills. When I thought, "Hm, summer is probably my least favorite" and realized that Amy didn't write that one, I wasn't at all surprised. It wasn't BAD (minus the musical of course) but I wasn't swooning with delight like I was the other one. Did you have a favorite season? Could I think of more questions? Definitely. I definitely could think of more Gilmore Girls questions for pretty much forever!