Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Wedding

Jenny and Greg - A Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Wedding

lewis ginter botanical gardensWhen Jenny, Greg, and I met over coffee to talk about their wedding at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, I knew right away that we "clicked." If I hadn't been sure from the start, I would have been when an hour flew by and we'd spent about 5% of that time actually talking about the wedding. Those are the best consultations, when you get along as people first, when you can see yourselves just being friends enjoying drinks together. Those aren't just the best consultations, they're the best couples who make for the best WEDDINGS.

When I arrived at the Bloemendaal House, my FAVORITE section of Lewis Ginter, I found Greg walking around the patio chatting with his groomsmen, family members, vendors, everyone. I could tell how happy he was, that this was just going to be the best day ever for this couple. When I went upstairs, it was exactly the same. Girls running from room to room, giddy with anticipation. Jenny trying to take care of everyone and everyone telling her that it was definitely supposed to be the other way around.

The wedding itself was beautiful of course. I don't think a wedding at Lewis Ginter could NOT be beautiful. It could be pouring rain and it would still be one of the most gorgeous spots in Richmond. But Jenny and Greg made the day extra special with their complete and utter joy in marrying each other. I just love that. Tears of happiness and nervous laughter, those are the most incredible things to witness. My business cards say I shoot weddings for bright and joyful people because it's that joy that I love the most. Jenny and Greg, I hope you keep that joy alive for the rest of your lives together. You have something very special. Cherish it always!

I hope you both enjoy reliving your special day every time you look at these photos.

2014-07-18_0001 2014-07-18_0002 2014-07-18_0003 2014-07-18_0004 2014-07-18_0005Adore this ring shot. So classic.

2014-07-18_0006 2014-07-18_0007 2014-07-18_0008 2014-07-18_0009 2014-07-18_0010 2014-07-18_0011 2014-07-18_0012 2014-07-18_0013 2014-07-18_0014 2014-07-18_0015 2014-07-18_0016 2014-07-18_0017 2014-07-18_0018 2014-07-18_0019 2014-07-18_0020 2014-07-18_0021I love the "where is he??" peek!

2014-07-18_0022 2014-07-18_0023 2014-07-18_0024Gorgeous place to get married.

2014-07-18_0025 2014-07-18_0026 2014-07-18_0027 2014-07-18_0028 2014-07-18_0029 2014-07-18_0030 2014-07-18_0031 2014-07-18_0032 2014-07-18_0033 2014-07-18_0034 2014-07-18_0035I took this picture through tree branches when they thought they were alone after the ceremony. Creepy? Yes, but LOOK AT IT. So magical.

2014-07-18_0036 2014-07-18_0037 2014-07-18_0038 2014-07-18_0039 2014-07-18_0040 2014-07-18_0041 2014-07-18_0042 2014-07-18_0043 2014-07-18_0044 2014-07-18_0045

 2014-07-18_0046Woo! Married! :D

2014-07-18_0047 2014-07-18_0048 2014-07-18_0050 2014-07-18_00492014-07-18_0051 2014-07-18_0052 2014-07-18_0053 2014-07-18_0054 2014-07-18_0055 2014-07-18_0056She needed some reinforcement from the bride and it was super sweet.

2014-07-18_0057 2014-07-18_0058 2014-07-18_0059 2014-07-18_0060 2014-07-18_0061 2014-07-18_0062 2014-07-18_0063 2014-07-18_0064 2014-07-18_0065 2014-07-18_0066 2014-07-18_0067The best thing about these gazebo shots is that Greg proposed to Jenny there!

2014-07-18_0068 2014-07-18_0069

Greg's sister used to bake cakes professionally but has since left that profession. She promised that she would make his wedding cake and HOLY MOLY what a stunner. I think she wanted to go out with a bang ;)

2014-07-18_0070 2014-07-18_0071 2014-07-18_0073 2014-07-18_00722014-07-18_0074 2014-07-18_0075 2014-07-18_0076 2014-07-18_0077 2014-07-18_0078These two were so precious.

2014-07-18_0079 2014-07-18_0080 2014-07-18_0081 2014-07-18_0082 2014-07-18_0083Sometimes you gotta cut footloose!

2014-07-18_0084 2014-07-18_0086 2014-07-18_00852014-07-18_0087 2014-07-18_0088 2014-07-18_0089HUGE thank you to all the incredible vendors and helpers who made this wedding happen!

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