Life Update!

It's pretty rare that I just FORGET about my blog. I mean, I've been regularly blogging for years for THP, and I did it for years prior to that personally. But we have entered summertime and that's a crazy time of year for me. This year it's been extra nutso because there are just so many different things happening!

1. Since Europe, I've been working like crazy! Photo shoots, tons of editing, ordering prints and albums for clients... clearly I just had Europe goggles on for the month of May and now in June I'm running around like my head's been cut off. It's GREAT and I'm thrilled to be busy like this, but it's definitely an adjustment!

2. Hotel Heidenthal. Haha, one of my friends called our house that this morning and it made me laugh. We ARE Hotel Heidenthal right now. Erik's sister, sister-in-law, and shortly his brother have all moved in with us as they transition to moving to Richmond. Kat, our sister-in-law who you've seen plenty of all over my website has been here for about two months now, which is kind of nuts in thinking about it. It doesn't quite feel like two months since we were in Europe for two weeks of that, but we're fast approaching that! It's crazy and we love having them here, but it's always an adjustment to add roommates to your life... especially when you work from home!

3. Soccer Season. Erik plays in an adult soccer league twice a week and me being the awesome wife that I am, I try to go to at least one of his games every week. You know... being SUPPORTIVE. I like seeing him play, but it definitely adds some craziness to our life to have two nights a week where dinner is uncertain and we basically just get home and go to bed!

4. LILY. I mean, nuff said right? She's super distracting. I took her to a groomer a few weeks ago and they were so hesitant because she'd never been to a professional before that they hardly cut any of her fur. So I felt COMPELLED to do it myself. Three hours later, Lily had lost a pound of weight (exaggeration, y'all) and looks like a completely different puppy. But you know, still a puppy.

5. Getting healthy. It's like a full time job that I never feel like I can devote enough time to. I'm always trying to learn more about food, nutrition, exercise. I try to practice yoga every day but that doesn't always happen. Part of the yoga practice is quieting your mind and that is just SO hard to do when your to do list is so long! Being on the mat, thinking about how many photos are unedited on your computer isn't right, so I'm trying to release that mental tie. It's a constant PRACTICE... which is what yoga's all about.

6. Friends and fun! Summer is definitely the time to go to the river, go shoot archery, visit the pool, and try new restaurants. So we're always trying to squeeze those things in when we don't have other obligations. It seems like every weekend of the summer has something scheduled, so when we get a few free hours we have to resist the temptation to curl up with Netflix and instead call up some of the people we've been promising to hang out with. We WANT to see those people, we're just in a hurricane of happenings lately!

This whole post sounds a little complainy in hindsight, but I don't mean it that way. I'm grateful for every single thing on this list. Majorly. I'm really just rationalizing why I didn't have my part three Europe photos ready for you today and we all know it ;)

I'm also not a person who takes pride in being busy. Nobody wants to hear "ohmygawd I'm so busy and important." I've never seen busy-ness as a badge of honor. If I did, I'd still be a teacher because THAT'S a career where you can be busy 24/7.  When other people say they're busy, I get cynical and always think it sounds like they're just not being very organized or efficient. And that's definitely true of me! I'll be spending a large part of today organizing some long overdue systems to get things back on track!

STAY COOL in this crazy heat, my friends. I have a lot of photos to share with you in the near future. Get ready for more Europe, some amazing senior portraits, a glamorous sweet 16 party!, a Richmond-loving engagement session, and even a few tutorials to make your life easier.