Blimey Lymey

My Ordeal with Lyme Disease

Pretty sure that's a drink at Tropical Smoothie.

It's about time I let the world know where I've been the past week. As soon as I get on a blogging roll, it seems I find a reason to not. Well, last week I noticed a huge bullseye rash on my leg. I took pictures, but I'll spare you because it definitely wasn't pretty. I was pretty sure I had Lyme disease (from a tick that bit me over two months ago!), so I went to the doctor and he confirmed it. He put me on antibiotics for three weeks. I was surprised whenever I told someone I had Lyme how concerned they seemed. I felt fine, but the rash burned. I really didn't see what the fuss was about.

About 36 hours after noticing the rash, though, bam! It hit me hard in the middle of the night, just a few hours after hanging out with friends all night, feeling completely fine, and  having a great time eating desserts. What a quick change! I was shaky, nauseous, my head was pounding, I was hot/cold indecisive, my leg and hip joints were aching, and I felt like I had to crawl to even leave my bed. It was crazy. If Erik hadn't stayed home with me, I probably would have starved myself all day because moving around was just not an option. He helped me to the bathroom and I wanted to brush my hair and teeth, but I was so tired I sat down on the floor to do it. He ran away and got me a chair for our bathroom vanity and now I'm wondering why we never put one there before.

The point is, I was pathetic. And this was Wednesday. I felt bad, but what I was really worried about was that I had my very first photography workshop that I was going to be attending on Friday and I REALLY didn't want to miss it. So you know how when you're sick and stuck in bed you whine and complain about how awful it is and you try to push yourself to venture to new worlds like the living room sofa and the deck outside for some fresh air? Well, I didn't do that. All I wanted was to be healthy in time for Abby's workshop. I started feeling better very quickly because I'd gotten the antibiotic prescription and started taking my medicine before I'd even felt sick. By Wednesday evening (three pills in), I felt a lot better. Still not good. The headache and achey feelings didn't want to go away, but the nausea was gone and I could eat. I could walk to the bathroom by myself without crawling. It was great progress.

Lyme disease Cuddling with ferretNurse Zeke, who is always great at cuddling. These pictures aren't actually from last week, but ironically are from the weekend the tick bit me two months ago. Har de har har...

Thursday morning I felt even more improved. The headache persisted (as they always do with me), and I became addicted to a wet washcloth with a drop of peppermint oil on it. It felt so good. Seriously. Peppermint is definitely my favorite essential oil from my new essential oil kit I've been playing with. It really made my headache more bearable. And again, though I felt SO much better, I stayed in bed almost all day anyway (I did make it to the living room couch on occasion) to make sure I would be better by the next day.

Erik could tell from my determination to rest and drink lots of water and juice that I was serious about still going to this workshop in Reston. I knew once I got there that I'd be so excited and interested that I wouldn't feel sick at all. My only concern was with the long stretch of I-95 between me and Abby. I already hate I-95 on a regular basis. I have been in two car accidents in my life, neither of which were at all preventable on my end. One of them I was walking on a crosswalk with the walk signal when I was hit by an SUV, the other one I was in my car sitting at a red light when I was rear-ended. Needless to say, I've become a very stressed and paranoid driver. I'm constantly seeing other cars and thinking they are drifting into my lane when they're really not. I'll jerk my car away in anticipation of being hit when I'm really not going to be hit and consequently, I've become a way WORSE driver because I'm just too paranoid.

All this to say, there was no way I could go through all that in addition to being still sick. Luckily, my amazing, loving husband could tell how much I wanted to do this. I had literally texted him the day Abby posted about her workshop saying how badly I wanted to go. So Erik took a day off work, after staying home with me Wednesday, taking care of me and learning where we keep things in our house (haha I couldn't believe the things I had to explain where they were... "Wait where do we keep the Advil? You want sweat pants? Where on earth do you keep your pants?"). Erik drove me to Reston and dropped me off at Abby's and then spent the day driving around visiting as many of his friends in Northern Virginia that he could. He's from Manassas, so he had a lot  of old friends in the area that he was happy to spend time with while I attended my workshop.

I'm so thankful to have him. I teased him for being a terrible nurse, but he's really not. Erik may not know where anything in the house is or what to do when I say I might be sick or my head hurts, but he cares and will do anything I ask of him and then surprise me with amazing things I don't ask for, like taking a day off work to help me grow my business.

Post all about Abby's amazing workshop coming up next!