Master Bedroom Makeover

Well, it's about time right? I've only wanted to do this project for a few years. I just kept chickening out because our bedroom was the most intimidating place to prettify for me. Mostly because of the vaulted ceilings that I just didn't know how to paint. And paint is a REQUIREMENT. I got really gun ho about finally doing it last winter when I did the master bathroom (which looks even better now than it did then, thanks to the shower door we had installed this Fall, thanks Uncle Chris!). That's when I bought the lamps and a white duvet. But that was basically as far as I got. Though I was highly ambitious on Pinterest, as all pinners are.

So, after Christmas ended and I was wondering what to do with myself and my "off season" free time, I realized I definitely needed a distraction. Anyone who has been following this blog knows that this Fall/Winter has been on the depressing side for me... to put it bluntly. And if I think back to the other times in my life when I felt depressed, I got myself out of it by DOING. Freshman year of college was extremely difficult emotionally, but I poured myself into school and at least came out of that year with straight A's. (If I'm going to be miserable, I might as well accomplish something while I'm at it! Right!?) So January was project month. I planned and organized and built things and sold things on Craigslist. Everyone who heard about my copious DIY projects kept saying "aw you're working on the nursery!" and I was like ha yeah no... do you realize how many offers I've received for nursery assistance? Everyone is thrilled to death to help me with a nursery, so I figured I should pour myself into the room that I actually spend all my time in and probably will continue to after Willow is born. 

Being pregnant makes some home projects a little more difficult than normal. But it also makes some decisions very easy. For example, painting was just out of the question. Our vaulted ceilings were scary enough when I didn't care about falling off of ladders. So, the decision to hire a painter was easy. After a few friends' recommendations failed to work out, I went on Thumbtack and got some quotes. I was amazed at how varied the price quotes were. I received offers from $200-1650! But John from New Projet was the perfect mix of experience and value. He offered to come help me choose a color and I was sold. After two years of color indecision for this room, I was happy to have an expert's opinion. 

John said blue before I even told him I wanted blue, it was just the shade I was having trouble with. And he explained that in design, everything is about lines and contrast and with our vaulted ceilings, if we weren't planning to paint those too (which, um, cha ching, no), we needed a lighter color that would blend with the ceiling... otherwise the eye would just go straight to the line between the ceiling and the wall. That made sense to me and it was nice to have someone break down the REASON you choose a shade of color for a room instead of "I like purple, weee..." 

You may notice that the color he chose and that I liked is basically the exact same color as our downstairs haha. But you know, that's the color I've always been happiest with, so nothing wrong with that. 

I learned throughout this project that I'm very into neutrals right now. In fact, I wound up replacing the green curtains because I just felt like I hadn't incorporated enough color into anything else and needed a burst of cheeriness! Also, the new curtains are soooo soft... who cares if your curtains are soft? Me, apparently.

I knew I wanted to utilize the TONS of wall space we have in this room more than I have in the past and have been waiting to print our Scotland photos for just this reason.

I decided to make a grid of framed photos for above the bed. The photo we had above the bed before was large by most people's standards. I think it was 30x40. But it still wasn't the right size for that space, so a grouping seemed right. I also had two of those white frames lying around that I'd seen on clearance at a craft store. I googled the brand and was able to get 4 more to match. At one point I was thinking 9 total photos, but I'm glad I stuck with 6. That would have been A BIT MUCH.

I took photos of my industrious layout planning process just so you could see how meticulous and crazy I can be sometimes. I mean, I had my dad and Erik move our bed so it was centered to the ceiling, which I used to center the frames, which made the bed look off... centering is just the worst. Why was our bed never centered before!?

The true time suck in this project was my desk/office area. Holy moly. I spent hours looking for the perfect desk online. The hutch monstrosity I had used previously was just a mistake. I needed a desk when we moved into this house and through couponing magic, got that desk for an insanely low price and was probably a little more excited by the deal I scored than thinking about the practicalities of the desk itself. I mean, hutches seem GREAT. Storage, yay! I need storage! And our room is huge with tall ceilings, how perfect! But it was like working in a cave. And having so much storage actually made me shove things into little cabinets and shelves that didn't need to be there and clutter amassed. So I wanted an open workspace, but also needed to store a lot! 

IKEA to the rescue! What I love about their "tabletop systems" is that you can completely customize them to what you need at the time. I wanted something akin to two filing cabinet drawers, one for business papers and one for our personal/household papers. Their Alex file drawers were perfect. As for the top, I chose the Linnmon and it just lays on top of the two drawer units. It's not attached by anything more than rubber grips to keep it from sliding around. That means if later I decide I want a wooden top or a smaller size, I can just buy a new top. I got the biggest one they had (78"!) and it was only $45. If I need to downsize it later and spend $30 doing that, I won't feel too bad about it. 

Once I figured out what the hell I was doing, putting together the drawers wasn't too bad. It took me twice as long to do the first one as it did the second, and it wasn't so much that it was hard... I just am not good at translating what is happening in the picture on the directions to what I am holding in real life haha. Also, I was using terrible tools according to Erik who noticed as I was midway through drawer #2 and brought me some new ones... better late than never.

My desk lamp looks so funny haha, I like it high okay?! It gives off more light like that, it just looks hilarious. I went through all my office supplies and threw out pens and markers that were dry. I sorted all our documents that I've been hoarding since before we got married and condensed to the important stuff. These things amount to one pretty picture but can seriously take a day or two to actually do!

Also, the canvas above my desk is 20x60 if you're curious. It's my first panorama and I like! What a perfect Scottish dream to panorama too... ahh...

Lily break!

I considered our closet to be part of this process and I'm actually still working on it. But it's good enough to show you my current progress.

Some of this office stuff was in my desk before. Some of it was in our guest bedroom's dresser, which was holding all sorts of arts and crafts-type stuff. I have so many notebooks and looseleaf paper packs and boxes of crayons leftover from my days of teaching + couponing. I know we'll eventually use them, so I just hold on to them. But they're definitely space consumptive! I wound up emptying that dresser, moving it to our clothes closet (well, Erik did that), and taking this cubed storage out of our clothes closet and into THIS one. That may have been confusing, but basically I bought this cubed storage system a long time ago because Erik needed more places for his folded clothes in our closet and it was cheap. It turned out to not really be effective, but I think it's much better utilized for office supplies.

I also moved the bulky printer (our printer is epic, y'all, it could probably kick your ass if I told it to) into the closet where it doesn't bother me with it's natural messiness. Erik's servers already run in there so it's kind of the tech/office closet anyway. I'm really enjoying moving all of my photography gear and supplies into this closet. Everything was spread all around the house in little bits before, so it's nice to have it all in one place.

This wall basically didn't change. Diplomas and camera gear, woot!

Some details! (holy moly this post is getting long)

That green pillow is Lily's bed. She likes to curl up in the divot in the middle. She's adorable.

After the painters were here and Erik reassembled all our technologies, I had to have a cord intervention. The area you're looking at now that's so nicely bundled up with a cord wrapper was literally a mess of cords all up and down the wall, in and out of the closet. It was too scary to photograph. I spared you that. We use a LOT of cords in this room. I mean, we have three things in our closet alone that need multiple cords. The TV and Bluray/cable stuff require tons of cords. Lamps, phones, kindles, my oil diffuser, Erik's gameboy, it adds up quickly! So I went to war with the cords. 

This picture is awful but this is the underside of my desk. I used cord clamps to have the cords run along the bottom of the tabletop, so I never have to see them or accidentally get my foot stuck in them. Hallelujah. There are some $5 investments that are so worth it.

See that little white cord on my nightstand? That's my cell phone charger and it is always falling down between the nightstand and the bed and I have to lean over and find it (ugh, the agony! My problems are so real). This super cheap little black cord clamp solves that problem like the little miracle worker it is. I used it for some of my computer cords too that I didn't want in the big cable clamp. Like my mouse needed more stretch, and one of those little suckers holds that little cord perfectly so I have some slack in the mouse but also don't have to deal with the dangly cord. The wireless mice look so pretty, but I play video games and you don't do wireless mice with video games. That's nonsense!

I don't have a good "before" photo of the TV area, but trust me it was madness. And NOT CENTERED. This little riser from Amazon helped hide the clutter and let me stack things without scaring Erik that his technology was in danger. I also used some of those handy dandy cord clamps on the back of the dresser to keep the cords from exploding out like they did before.

And guys, I think that's IT.

"Really? The hammering is over??? I don't believe you..." That's what that face says. But she loves it. I promise.