Meet Lily

Sunday... was... the best day ever.

On Christmas day when I opened my gift from Erik I was a little confused and a lot excited. It was a stuffed yorkie dog... with a note. The note said that after the past few months of missing our little warrior, Erik was ready for us to venture into the world of puppies. Something which I've eagerly been anticipating for a while. Partially because I've always wanted a puppy of my own (who hasn't?!) and partially because once Zeke was gone, the house seemed a lot bigger and emptier. 

The stuffed yorkie was a big deal too. Erik comes from a big dog family. I come from a little dog family. But on Christmas, with the yorkie, he told me to pick any dog I wanted. And for some reason, he thought I wanted a yorkie. I didn't. Hadn't even occurred to me. I'd been looking at slightly larger dogs... Still small, but think 20lbs instead of 5. 

And then we found Lily.

And yorkies were suddenly the best thing ever. She's actually a biewer yorkie/maltese mix. And it was a great thing, too, because yorkies are one of the rare small breeds that Erik likes. When we saw her picture on her breeder's website (Windy Way Hill, they've been great!), this one:

We had to have her.

I'm allergic to most dogs, so that really limits your options. When we finally agreed on one, from her breed to her size to her color, it was basically a Christmas miracle.

Sunday, we finally got to meet her after lots of conversations with the breeder. Erik and I left early in the day, stopped to have lunch with one of my bffs in Charlottesville, continued on to Staunton to hang out with another bff, aka soulmate (we've been calling each other that since sixth grade, it's not likely to stop any time soon) while we waited for Lily drop off.

Eagerly anticipating our Lily arrival!

Eagerly anticipating our Lily arrival!

And then she came. And we fell in love. Instantly. Don't let Erik lie to you and say otherwise. His face melted and Kristen is my witness.

It's difficult to conceive when you're told that your puppy weights 1.5lbs... just how small that is. We had a pretty good reference because Zeke was usually 1.6lbs. But we couldn't imagine a dog being smaller than our ferret!? She is. And she's such a baby. She follows us absolutely everywhere. She wants to be within 6 inches of, or preferably on top of us, pretty much at all times.

First night at home!

First night at home!

Yesterday, Erik worked from home because, well, the grinch's heart grew three sizes that day. And I think Erik's grew four. How could it not!? She's the sweetest. And as of yet, hasn't barked at all ;)

She has done her fair share of crying though. We're working on crate training because we really don't want her to have puppy meltdowns every time we leave the house. So we put her in the crate a few times throughout the day to give her alone time. And then while we sleep at night, she's in the crate. She cries herself to sleep every time. It's pathetic and adorable and sad, so if you have any tips on persevering through crate training, let us know!