Midlothian VA Family Portraits

Family Photography in Midlothian, Virginia

Today's portrait session has such a great story. I first talked with Michelle over the phone. She had a wedding coming up and asked me how I felt about photographing a small wedding with around 20 guests for a couple, previously divorced, getting re-married, with two children. I told her I couldn't imagine something more meaningful and intimate and that I would love to be a part of it. We spoke some more about the wedding and then when we were deciding which of my wedding packages she should book, I realized all of my packages include engagement sessions and that would be a little silly for this particular couple! So instead I asked if she wanted to switch out an engagement session with a family portrait session to celebrate their family coming back together. She loved the idea and here we are!

We BLASTED through this session. I always try to make my family portrait sessions pretty quick, especially when kids are involved, because even if the lighting is perfect or you've found a beautiful backdrop, if people are tired and have reached fake smile point, the images just aren't worth creating anymore. This whole session took under 45 minutes. I remember the night vividly because I put Willow in bed around 6:30pm (pretty normal bedtime for her), drove to my session, photographed it, drove home, and it was still light outside so I sat on the front porch with Sense and Sensibility and a glass of wine to celebrate. Sometimes it's strange for me to think of all the things I do in the time when Willow is sleeping... like writing this blog post today!

I hope you enjoy these family pictures. I look at them and spoke with them and just couldn't wait to see this wedding happen. This was a normal family who deserved to be together. They were sweet and patient and total participants in their portrait experience.

And after their session, at their ordering appointment, we designed the coolest wall art display for these images. I can't wait to see it hanging in their actual home!

Wall Art Family Portraits.png

I think it would be fun to share things like this more often. I've never shown the final step of my portrait experience on the blog before. Let me know if you like seeing how we displayed the photos!