Military Couple Portraits in Richmond, VA

Mattie and Sam just could not be sweeter if they tried. To prove my point, let me tell you why we took the photos at this particular park... it was where they took photos together before their high school PROM. Isn't that just ridiculously adorable? 

Sam, of course, is in the army. And since high school, the two of them have worked hard to maintain their relationship as they spend months apart when Sam is deployed. While Sam and I waited for Mattie to change her outfit at one point, he told me how great the military has been for him personally. But he also knows that it's been hard on them for him to be gone so much.

One of the reasons Mattie, who attends James Madison University (Go Dukes!!!), wanted to do this photo shoot was to have photos of the two of them for those days when Sam's not physically with her. I thought it was a brilliant idea and was suddenly surprised I hadn't shot more military couples for this very reason!