Mini Family Portrait Session

Family Portraits in Richmond, Virginia

I shared our family portraits a couple weeks ago and at the time, I promised to share some images of the Pesce family who I was so happy to photograph. It may be the first time we did a family photo swap, but I don't think it will be the last time! We were a little bummed the day was so cloudy and blech when we squeezed this quick session into our busy holiday schedules, obviously coordinated around two babies and their nap needs. But you just have to go with the weather sometimes and do what you can! This entire session was done in about 15 minutes because we were hurrying to squeeze as much as possible into as short a time frame as we could! Basically, we are nuts.

There was one point during this session that Andrea said, "hey, why does Frank get to hold Adah so much... I want to hold her too!" So we had Andrea hold Adah for a while and it reminded me how important it can be to mix up the posing a little because things like that may not jump into a photographer's mind right away, but as soon as she said that I thought YES duh, of course Andrea should hold Adah just as much as Frank! I was just getting caught up in facial expressions and light and all the things I love about a photograph. It was a great reminder for me to stop and reevaluate the scene every so often.

I'm very thankful to have met Andrea when I did. I have written about our growing friendship on the blog before because honestly, I don't make friends easily! It's not that I don't like people, I promise. Okay, sometimes I don't like people, let's be real haha. But it's a rare person who I really connect with and want to get to know better. Andrea is such a warm, open, honest person, and very opposite me in many ways. As I've grown older, I've realized the people I really enjoy spending time with are rarely like me, they're usually a little more unpredictable and talkative, but always thoughtful too. Andrea and I had bonded well before we found out we were both pregnant because we had a lot of similar feelings toward the photography industry and our businesses, but there is nothing that connects you like the camaraderie of sleepless nights, teething, and all the baby milestones! 

I hope you enjoy these family pictures from this little photo session of such a sweet family! Adah's blue eyes absolutely make every picture.