I'm feeling very slow today. Maybe it's the cold weather. Maybe it was a busy weekend. Maybe it's just a Monday. Regardless, my head is pounding but the sight of snow falling outside my window was enough to get me moving. I have a DIY project that I'm scared to tackle, so I've been putting it off for a few days now. All my "before" photos are taken. My supplies are ready. Now it's just a matter of DOING it. Am I the only one who hesitates when it comes time to pull the trigger on paint colors and the like? I know I can always change anything I don't like, but it's easier to think of reasons to wait, easier to not spend all the money just yet. Anyway, I might delay my project another day. I might get started in the next hour. I might just take a breather, make a second cup of coffee, and edit some gorgeous, sunshiney photos from this weekend's engagement shoot. Who knows. For now, here's another little sneak peek into Betsy and Fraser's engagement session. Their session was seriously too beautiful for words and I think everyone might appreciate some sunlight on this wintry Richmond morning.