More Christmas Lights!

I adore Christmas lights. Like, adore. I love driving down my street and seeing everyone's own Christmas light masterpiece. I don't know what it is, twinkling lights are just magical. I hope I wasn't the only kid who would just sit on the floor staring at her Christmas tree growing up. I remember hiding between our tree and the window so my parents wouldn't know I was still there, basking in the glow of Christmas :) I'm sure everyone outside on the street was amused.

I was putting up the icicle lights on the roof with my handy dandy light pole when my neighbor came over and said she couldn't be bothered to decorate for Christmas. She said you're just going to take them down in a month and it's too much work. But I am too excited to do it to ever think of it as work! Celebrating anything is fun. Growing up, getting an important A in school or coming in first place for swimming was always cause for a celebratory trip to Bruster's at the very least. I think everyone should take all the moments of joy they can. And reveling in Christmas decorations for a month every year is a very particular kind of joy. It's MORE special because it's only there for a month (well ya know, usually!).

So I figured I'd show you our lights! I like the blue/white theme. Makes me think of snow. Which anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with snow.

Inside, I decided to plaster our tree with every kind of light I love. Big bulb ceramics, multicolored twinkling lights, and then some whites just for good measure. Certainly not a fire hazard. Not at all.

Do you decorate your home? Are lights your thing or is there something else you love at Christmas time?