Morning Coffee

We wake up and start the day and it is fresh.

Fresh like my coffee, rich and hot, a little sweet and a little bitter.

Just the way I want it.

The dog has made an accident on the blanket I washed yesterday. 

And the baby's teeth are too painful to not be held by her mommy.

So, I clean.

While I hold.

And then I reheat my coffee. 

It's nap time.

Time to squeeze full time into part time, because when is there ever enough time?

But this quiet is the only quiet for a while, so I should make all the phone calls. 

Even though no one will answer and will return my calls when they please.

Just like I do.

But it's nap time. I should do all the things I should do.

And enjoy the quiet.

I reheat my coffee,

And I do what I can.