Mother Daughter Bonding


I love giving gifts. I think about them way longer in advance than most people probably do. For example I bought my dad's Fathers Day gift two weeks ago and it's really bugging me to not be able to give it to him. I've always really appreciated gifts that make involve an experience. So growing up, my parents often gave me concert or play tickets because they knew I loved that sort of thing. Now I try to extend the same practice to them. My Mothers Day gift to my mom this year was a spa pedicure for the two of us. Did I enjoy this excuse to pamper myself simultaneously? Of course! But I know my mom wouldn't enjoy going to the spa by herself, so this was a fun thing to do together and now we'll always have this memory. That's the great thing about DOING instead of having. My dad turned 50 last October and he wanted to celebrate by DOING something he'd never done before, not by having something new, so we went out and shot some guns together! Here's my beautiful mommy and I.


 We went to Taylor's Simply Natural Nail Spa. It was a cute, individually owned little studio within a much bigger building full of studios called Sola Salons. There were all sorts of salons for hair, nails, whatever. You could just walk around the building and find whatever you needed.


Gotta show off the pretty colors!

We had a great time. It's nice to have a mom who can also be your friend once you're older and on your own. But of course my mom knows I'll still call her when I don't know how to do something. Moms always have the answers! Just another reason to love you!