New Awakenings

Spring is finally here! Can you tell I'm excited? I know it's been here technically for weeks but it wasn't really until this week that I felt it. The warm weather, the burst of color everywhere, and short sleeve shirts! What more could you ask for?

I think Spring, combined with a good week in the THP world has just got me feeling more optimistic about things. I'm excited for my wedding season to start soon. I'm excited to meet my senior models this weekend. And I'm excited to branch into some new territory too! Lots of cool things are ahead and it's nice to see that some of the mulling and agonizing over business changes this past winter are starting to pay off.

I met my friend and amazing photographer, Andrea Pesce, for a photo walk through Richmond the other day... after the greatest archery/dinner double date with our husbands (I swear when you get married, you just start dating other couples to see how you get along as a foursome. Dating is forever.) just a few days before. Anyway! On our photo walk, we just perused the streets, stopping and photographing whatever we felt like photographing. It was fun and freeing. And we talked about making our own places in this business, the confusion of all that, and how strange it is to take the advice of the biggest names in this industry and toss it out the window because it doesn't apply to us. It's about being confident enough in what we're doing to know that what works for one person won't always work for another. 

And personally, I've been finding a lot more peace lately too. I'm doing more yoga, drinking more juice and smoothies (something about the winter just makes me less excited about cold smoothies) and just feeling mentally better. We received some amazing news this week that I can't share quite yet, but good things are happening and it's invigorating. 

Tell me something good that's happening in your life right now!