New Business Cards

It has almost been a year since I started my photography business. I've definitely grown and changed a lot since then. Last summer I was obsessed with finding high school seniors to take their senior portraits. I thought seniors were so fun and I felt really at ease taking their photos and suggesting poses for them. I still love them! I probably always will. But this year I am trying to broaden my horizons and focus on weddings and engagements, too. While I love the fun and youthfulness of senior portraits, there's something extremely special about pictures where a couple is interacting. There's unforced emotion between them that I love capturing. To reflect my evolving business, I decided I needed to replace my original business cards. Here is what they used to look like:

2013-08-13_0001They seemed bold and electric to me. I thought they would appeal to seniors. And for some reason, people are really impressed by black business cards!

2013-08-13_0002The new business cards are mostly white to reflect my changing brand, but! I think the fact that I can put a PHOTO on the back of them is what makes them so amazing.

2013-08-13_0003 2013-08-13_0004These cards are so thick and sturdy you can't bend them! They have a ribbon of turquoise that goes all around the edges. It really adds to them. You can just FEEL that they're high quality and unique.

And a traveling portfolio? It was like they designed these business cards for photographers. I love pulling out a handful of cards and asking people to take their favorite. It's actually really informative for me to find out which photos people gravitate to.


You can order these "luxe" business cards at I think they're well worth the extra money. Since I've started passing them out, I always get a comment on how nice the cards are. The multiple photo option doesn't even cost extra, and what an amazing way to share your work instantly.