New Website Design

new website design

The Why

Sorry guys! Today's blog post is a little bit later than normal because I've spent the morning catching up on emails. My email has been down this past week with the website move (servers get confused when you do things like this), so last night around midnight I got an influx of some of the emails I've been missing! The email is still transitioning, so I might not have received yours yet if I didn't reply this morning. The good news is, I AM getting them eventually, so I should be back to you soon!

Whew! What I REALLY wanted to talk about today were some of the thought processes behind my new website's look. If you're familiar with the old website then you'll probably see elements of what was there before. For example, my logo is the same but the colors have been tweaked a bit. I wanted more earthy, cohesive blues and greens that reflected my style a little more than the bold colors I had before.

Instead of just throwing in pretty things, I wanted to be very intentional with designing this site to create something that is ME. Me me and wedding photographer me. They're really the same thing, so something I kept thinking about was the kind of weddings I shoot best. The rustic, organic weddings full of laughter that I love so much. My OWN wedding kept coming to mind. Which makes SO MUCH SENSE. Of course the weddings I love the most have a lot in common with my own. 

All of my wedding photos were shot by Matt Stanton Photography.

My wedding was completely outside. Our ceremony was on the water and our reception was a quick walk across a bridge to tables and chairs amongst the trees with a beautiful view of the water. Ah, so perfect. In case you're wondering, this place is Celebrations on the Reservoir, one of my favorites and yes I've shot other weddings there since and already have one scheduled for next summer. I LOVE that place ;)

The point is, my wedding IS my ideal wedding. I want prospective clients to see what I love so that when they come to my website and love the same things, they'll know I'm right for them.

The other thing I thought about was WHY I shoot weddings. What draws me to weddings and couples? Why you do what you do is so important. When I was studying to be a teacher in college, I wanted a career that was meaningful and to inspire in my students the same love and appreciation for reading and writing that I have always had. I thought that was a good enough reason to teach, but I ignored the professors who said that passion for your content wouldn't make you a great teacher, passion for your students would. They were completely right.

Why do I shoot weddings? To document the beginning of the most joyful, wonderful story you'll ever have. When I was little, I loved hearing about how my parents met, the struggles they overcame to marry each other, and the excitement of their first years of marriage.

wedding parents

As I got older, I heard about all the hard, awful things that happened to them, physically, emotionally, and financially, things I had never known about because it was all overshadowed by their love and happiness in being together, married, on their own.

richmond wedding photographer

When I married Erik, I thought about how we were beginning OUR story. That we had no idea where it would go. When you're 24, you still have so much of life left that you can't predict, but knowing you have your favorite person in the world to do it all with is the happiest feeling I can imagine. My favorite book series, that you've probably heard way too much about from me lately, Outlander is unique in that it's not a story about falling in love. It's a story about two people who get married and live their lives together. Their marriage IS the story, the beginning, middle, and end. Too many books, movies, and TV shows end with the wedding, when really that's the beginning. The beginning of the BEST story.