Novels and Baubles

novels and baubles I decided to call my post Novels and Baubles because I really just think that's a cute name. It also happens to be the name of one of my good friend's Etsy shop. She sells knits, wait crochets? (I'm sorry knitters, I don't really know the difference. Don't stab me with your crazy needles please!) and we have talked often about how I should take some photos of her stuff being modeled. At long last, we finally did and it was a ton of fun. I get extra satisfaction out of shooting things for other people's businesses. It's a camaraderie, I got you and you got me kind of thing. Amber is the shop owner. We met at JMU, living in the same dorm building freshman year. I didn't really know Amber very well, but luckily she was outgoing and invited me to come watch Rent in her dorm room. My life was changed forever. In more ways that one ;) Now she lives in North Carolina, but spends summers with her parents in Hampton Roads. And one of our good friends, also from JMU, drove in from Waynesboro! Basically I'm just really lucky that Richmond is such a great in-between place for people to meet at!

We got to spend the day together and had fun with these photos. Allie made a fantastic model, but we wouldn't let Amber off the hook completely so she modeled a little bit, too ;) Enjoy the photos and if you like what you see, make sure you check Amber's Etsy shop after she uses these photos to update it!

2014-08-11_0003This is Allie. She rocks.

2014-08-11_0004 2014-08-11_0005 2014-08-11_0006 2014-08-11_0007 2014-08-11_0008 2014-08-11_0009 2014-08-11_0010 2014-08-11_0011 2014-08-11_0012This is Amber. She likesΒ to arm wrestle.

2014-08-11_0013 2014-08-11_0014 2014-08-11_0015 2014-08-11_0016 2014-08-11_0017 2014-08-11_0018 2014-08-11_0019And Allie is officially the coolest kindergarten teacher I have ever known.