One Week In

Some people told me that getting a puppy was a nice transition into parenthood. Some people even told me it was harder than a baby (don't worry, I wouldn't go that far). But there is definitely an adjustment period. So I figured a week in, I'd update everyone on the puppy situation.

Lily has been incredibly sweet from the start. As soon as we brought her home, she was happiest in someone's lap (or on our shoulders?) and following us everywhere we went. After a few days of this, her playfulness has really started to emerge. Instead of just letting us pick her up (which is often, since you know, stairs...) she runs around a little bit first because she loves chasing and being chased. She doesn't have to be by our side at all times anymore, she'll run around the living room while I make dinner instead of sitting beside me wherever I stand. Which is good, because we were always tripping over her.

This weekend we took her outside and she got to experience some of her first warm weather. But more importantly, she discovered the joy of leaves and sticks! Things she could carry and pounce on and play with! 

And yesterday she discovered all the toys we bought her. She showed absolutely no interest in her toys for about a week, but suddenly yesterday, every toy she had was suddenly very interesting. Some of them are still too big for her to carry. Life's rough when you weigh 1.5 lbs. But the ones she can carry, she LOVES. She even started barking with excitement. So, that's a fun new development.

A lot of Lily's favorite toys are Zeke's old toys. They're the perfect size for her. She finds them in the little stashes he made around the house, some I didn't even realize were still there. And it's a little bittersweet seeing her play with toys Zeke loved. But it's mostly sweet. And validates our choice in not cleaning up all his toys ;)

Things we're working on: 

Grooming: I've decided to groom Lily myself. Which is a little scary, but I've read a lot of good reasons to do it yourself. We've been doing a little bit every day. I'll brush her, trim her with the scissors, she even got a bath one day after an unfortunate incident in her crate. The clippers completely terrify her so I just turn them on and let her hear them for now. Hopefully she won't always want to leap off the counter when I do that.

Housebreaking: She's actually doing better with this than I expected. She tends to make an accident or two per day, but for the most part I think she knows she's supposed to go outside and when we take her out, she goes almost immediately. So I feel like once we get her schedule down a little better, she'll be good to go.

Sleeping: She's sleeping through the night mostly. Or at least not whining and waking us up for any reason. In the past four nights, she was in her crate for 8-9 hours and didn't start whining until the sun came up. I only had to get up with her in the middle of the night once the other night.And no accidents in her crate either. Other than the 10 minutes of crying she does when we put her in her crate at night, she's doing really well.

Eating: Major improvement here. Last week she was hardly eating anything but yogurt and her dinnertime wet dog food. Now, she'll eat kibble without yogurt (not much) and finishes her dinner. She wasn't drinking water at all for a few days, which freaked us out, but now she will. The bowl has to be pretty full so that she can reach the water without stuffing her face into it.

So lots of improvement and change for one week! I know this post was probably really boring, but this has been my life for the last week. I promise my next Lily post will have new Lily pictures and that should redeem me a little, right?

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