Operation RVA

carytown richmond virginia

What is Operation RVA you may ask? Well, last weekend was another Chris and Kat weekend. If you don't know them, they're basically blog rockstars. Their wedding, engagement, graduation, and many a weekend visit have been chronicled for years. You know what else has been happening for years? They've been telling us they're moving to Richmond.


Seriously, we love them a lot and Erik and I often talk about what life will be like when they'll be here. Chris and Kat talk about what life will be like when they'll be here. It's become a given. 

Then... we started hearing how Washington DC would also be a fun place to live.

And that was not acceptable.

Enter Operation RVA. 

Peer pressure is a vital component of life, so don't feel bad for them. 

You see, Kat wants to be a city person... at least temporarily (hopefully, since Chris really just wants to be a farmer). Well, Erik and I aren't city people. We enjoy the occasional city escapade, but for us life is in the home we love and the areas nearby. So we've never taken these two into the big city! We realized if Kat wanted to be a city dweller, we'd probably confused her about what life could be like here. COMMENCE THE OPERATION ;)

We visited an international food festival and ate until we couldn't eat anymore. We visited Carytown and explored all the interesting shops there. That was the one time I remembered to pull out my camera. I wish I'd taken more pictures but we were preoccupied in our tour guide duties. And um, I've taken a lot of photos of these two... I try not to be overwhelming with my photo obsession ;)

Haha poor Kat, double photo bombed... and she was blinking in the "cute" picture. Chris' shot of me and Erik was way better. Photog fail.

After Carytown we hung out on the patio at Siné to recover a little bit and then we visited Shockoe Bottom because it's such a different feel from Carytown, which has that trendy hipster vibe. I love them both but I think Shockoe Bottom is my favorite. I love the cobblestone and old buildings, that history just has a different feeling. We ate dinner at The Proper Pie Company, which I've been dying to visit FOR YEARS, but it's hard to drag Erik into the city sometimes. This weekend was the best cause ever though. 

Naturally, we rounded out the night with more food (because hello) and picked up the most delicious donuts ever at Sugar Shack for breakfast the next day. Lordy lord those are some delicious donuts. I need to go there more often.

All in all, I think Operation RVA was a step in the right direction. The "please leave Blacksburg it's way too far away from us and we selfishly want you to spend all your time with us and build your life HERE" message definitely came across... as if it hasn't before... but it was great to show them another side of where we live. 

I think everyone should leave a comment on this blog about why living in Richmond is such a great idea. Help us out :)